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Cruise Hairstyles Collection

Richard Ward

Extremely groomed short haircuts are the winners of the season. They are made unique with refined and bold textures, clear colors and easy but very visible styling. Random shapes did not make it into Richard Ward's Cruise collection, but a series of sexy, sophisticated and jazzy looks that show the hand of a great stylist.
  • jaw length bob
  • graduated nape
  • cropped coif
  • cropped pixie
  • exposed ear
  • energetic short hair
  • modern wavy style for hair
  • long hair fluffed up
  • tugged under hair
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Fringes come in long and short shapes -always with a lot of softening texture. The basic shapes are round and snug with much movement and visually stimulating structures. The character of Richard Ward's Cruise looks is sporty, fresh and sexy with an understated air of sophistication.
When it comes to long hair, the rules are a bit different however. Luxury is pushed to its limit with luscious curls and elaborate up, or as in this case, under-dos.
Whether you are cruising around the world in an elegant ship or just through town in your car, do so in style!
Hair, Make-up, Styling & Color: Richard Ward Artistic Team
Photographer: Christophe Cohen