X.ELLE BEAUTY by Framesi

Elegant short hair for modern women
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Excellence, extremely feminine, extra elegant. The X stands for superlatives. It also includes the exquisite combination of classic and modern elements in extraordinary hairstyles. Always on the search for new expressions in hair, Framesi takes our breath away once again with beautiful hairstyles that are masterpieces of the craft and have all a modern woman may ask for. This includes a stunning style, great flow, even after washing the hair and fresh design elements that are found off the beaten path.
Versatility in styling is a given. Three short haircuts and one long hairstyle are full with finetuned texture, meticulously sliced cuts, feathered elements and silhouettes that support and celebrate the real star - her face. The hair colors are warm, earthy and classy with smooth transition and sans any harsh effects. Classy and modern, creative and produced with state of the art techniques and products. Framesi at their best.
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Thick and Thin

Short haircut with straight bangs and a straight cutting line in the neck
Robust and fine elements make up the architecture of this beautiful haircut. A short crop with straight bangs and a straight cutting line in the neck, both of which are finely point-textured to soften the bluntness, turns avant-garde with extended layers in a harmonizing color.
The segments are on the side and so fine that you can see the undercut right through them and yet they are strong enough to make a statement. Their shape is straight and angular. A free agent sits on top in the shape of lighter colored strands that are styled to stand out in motion and direction. The hair color combination of a dark brown and caramel is simply delicious.


Feminine short hair styled towards the face
A touch of class and a strong dose of mystery never fail to weave their net of seduction, and this stylish short haircut will not disappoint. Softness and sharp points are both part of the composition that is modern and very feminine.
A short back moves on to a chin length front, sculpted in a curved swoop of the long side fringe. The hair is styled towards the face and frames it with soft spikes, lots of texture and alluring color effects. A dark cocoa is set against a golden brown to deepen the visuals of this exclusive and contemporary instant classic.

Taking Sides

Short haircut styled for sophistication
A basic round short haircut is easily made over and ultra modernized with a few lengths that are dancing to their own tune. While the neck and the long fringe are still close to the classic cut, extra length allows some textured strands along the side to get almost all the attention.
This segment only has to share the glory with another set of strands, colored in a lighter accent color that also goes against the grain with its face forward styling. Dark brown and gold give this look sophistication and elegant earthiness.

XXL Feathers

Feathery long blonde hair with textured layering
A mane that resembles the plume of a rare and exotic bird with its sheer mass of fine texture, extreme length and styling that is sensitive to every single strand and helps each one of them find their perfect place in this striking scenario.
The fringe, long and glorious is casually pushed to the side and at about the level of the tip of her nose is where this beautiful drama begins with endless textured layering and tapering. Styling brings out the fine points and directs the very long hair in smooth curves towards the front to finalize the feathery effect. Perfection in shape and styling are joined by a light vanilla blond color that contributes to the softness and ethereal flair of this style.
Hair: Framesi
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