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X.ELLE BEAUTY by Framesi

Excellence, extremely feminine, extra elegant. The X stands for superlatives. It also includes the exquisite combination of classic and modern elements in extraordinary hairstyles. Always on the search for new expressions in hair, Framesi takes our breath away once again with beautiful hairstyles that are masterpieces of the craft and have all a modern woman may ask for. This includes a stunning style, great flow, even after washing the hair and fresh design elements that are found off the beaten path.
  • short haircut with straight bangs
  • short hair styled towards the face
  • short haircut with sophistication
  • feathery long hair
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Versatility in styling is a given. Three short haircuts and one long hairstyle are full with fine tuned texture, meticulously sliced cuts, feathered elements and silhouettes that support and celebrate the real star - her face. Colors are warm, earthy and classy with smooth transition and sans any harsh effects. Classy and modern, creative and produced with state of the art techniques and products. Framesi at their best.
video Hair: Framesi
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