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Intercoiffure Mondial

Freedom Hairstyles Collection

According to an old song freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose. Not so in the world of Intercoiffure Mondial. Their amazing creativity and insane sense of beauty coupled with a daring approach to cut and styling, leaves us much to gain.
This new collection liberates us from conventional approaches to hair and allows us to question what was universally accepted. Individual expression is before any norm and to achieve this design elements were combined like never before.
  • Mohawk with braided sides
  • layered short hair
  • Afro for red hair
  • expressive short haircut
  • veiled bob
  • retro Hollywood hairstyle with waves
  • updo with a braided band
  • braided updo
  • waist length hair

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Braids in a wavy mohawk, looks that are ethnic and retro all in one, fringes that turn into thin and mysterious veils. The general expression is luxurious, refined and stunning. Nothing is taboo and the door has opened to glamour in a very modern and ecclectic form.
Exaggeration of shapes and textures do not include the colors, since those take a step back and remain in natural hues to let the cut, shape and styling of the hair shine without distraction.
Hairstyles Photos: © Intercoiffure Mondial
Photography: Jean Pierre Kruze
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