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Top Model Coiffure

Hairstyles Summer 2011

One of the most outrageous and fun hairstyles collections this year comes from Top Model Coiffure. These new styles will put a smile on your face and leave some happy pixie dust wherever you go.
  • seduction with short hair
  • hairstyle for when you get married
  • bob with a very short neck
  • croppy short haircut
  • hairdo with a bow
  • cheerful short haircut
  • smooth short haircut
  • natural look for long hair
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Short and long, casual or glamorous - all bases are covered but nothing is ordinary. Intriguing, strong colors are combined with expressive hairstyles that show a lot of texture and interesting stylings.
Colors and cuts are modern but very wearable. Familiar shapes and hues are pushed to the edge and intensified, exaggerated for that extra spark. With all this eye candy sparks are sure to fly this summer!
Hairstyles: Top Model Coiffure
Photography: Studio Didier Michalet & Karen Firdmann
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