Hairstyles Spring Summer 10

Female haircuts that are easy to take care of
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Tchip gives us a collection with easy to wear short and medium long hairstyles for summer. Bobs, shags and pixie cuts inspired this collection with their classic timelessness. Some looks just work and so do these versatile coifs.
Texture is a recurring element as are sleek and dynamic cutting lines. The motto is casual, lighthearted and trendy fun with looks that keep you cool all summer and are easy to take care of. Styling is a breeze with a perfect cut.
Colors are of the natural palette: smooth browns, smoky blacks and sunny blondes.

Classic Bob

Classic chin length bob for shiny black hair
You can never go wrong with the classic lines and elegance of a chin length French bob. The thick bangs and slightly curved sides frame the face in beautiful simplicity, putting the focus on the features.
The ends are gently textured, and an undercut makes sure that the hair keeps its rounded contour. An exotic hint is guaranteed with the shiny black color.

Tapered A-line

Tapered A-line bob with two different lengths
Another classic, the angled bob is updated with new twists and tricks. Asymmetry comes with two different lengths in the pointed and heavily textured sides.
A smooth layering keeps most of the volume in the upper half and the thin, short bangs bring in a fresh and feisty element. A choppy tapering around the face underlines the playful flirtatiousness of this chic look.

Formfitting Texture

Sporty brown pixie that hugs the head
The pixie cut is all grown up and shows longer lines but also an abundance of sassy texture. The slight asymmetry of the short, refreshing hairdo sits in the diagonal cut and styled fringe. The sides are of equal length and continue in a head hugging angle all the way to the deep nape.
The hair is textured throughout and can be styled with just a little product in many different ways. A smooth brown tone is nothing but charming and also supports the sporty appeal.

Fuzzy Fringe

Fun and easy short haircut with layering
This fun, free and easy short haircut is based on a round cut that circles the head in a continuous line. All of the fun action is created by texturing the tips with determination so that a rather jagged and wild edge appears.
Smooth layering distributes the volume equally around the head and the hair is long enough to style in some of the trendy wispy strands.

Short Haircuts with Pointed Sides

Short women's haircuts with pointed sides
The same cut can look so very different - all depends on the styling and the hair color. The textured short haircuts feature texturized ends, pointed sides, extra long bangs and a long nape. The ear is cut out in a steep curve to bring as much movement as possible in the outline.
With the hair pulled into the face from a high point on the crown, the blonde model presents a cute and fun variation of this adaptable look.
The brunette friend likes her hair a bit more on the sleek side and wears the long fringe plainly on the side. The hair is styled for silky smoothness and minimal movement. Result is simple chic that is a great look for the office and for play.

Friends in Style

Medium length women's hairstyles with layers
The straight and curly hairstyles don't appear to have a lot in common. But look closer. Medium length, layering and texture are the same.
The brunette wears her hair sleek and uses the tapered sides to frame her face. Layers are extremely smooth and balance the volume perfectly through the whole style.
Curls can make a fun day even happier. The dark blonde model can't get enough of her effervescent, exciting mass of small spirals and strongly defined curls. The same layering that shapes her friend's hair, helps her to distribute all of the volume evenly around the head without any weight pulling out the structure.

A-line Haircuts

Elegant A-line haircuts with a shorter back
Chic women still prefer the smooth sophistication of A-line haircuts. Just a little styling is necessary to make this cut shine and look perfect in any situation and surrounding.
The dark brown version is parted high on the left side and cut with a more rounded edge, which then is heavily textured for a lot of movement.
Obviously blondes have just as much fun as everyone else but perhaps just a little more with an elegant A-line cut. The smoothly textured cutting line is styled with a slight forward movement, that little swing that gives her just the right momentum for a memorable evening. Parted low on the right side this version also features a very trendy asymmetry.
Hair: Tchip
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