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Cebado - Women

Cebado goes all the way and leaves no hair unturned. All lengths and most common styles are part of this stylish line-up and part of an exploration into new versions of famous hairstyles that are made to wear every day. Long romantic styles, medium length elegance, short sassy haircuts and a few timeless classics that were updated give every woman the chance to find her favorite Cebado look.
  • very long hair with waves
  • voluminous long hair
  • long hair with ripples
  • bouncy long hair
  • soft look for long hair
  • long blond hair with curls
  • blonde hair cut into a bob
  • bouncy bob
  • medium length curly hairstyle
  • short blonde hair
  • easy short haircut
  • trendy short hairdo
  • sexy short hair makeover
  • long bob for brown hair
  • preppy bob
  • short style for wavy hair
  • blunt short haircut
  • chin level bob
  • modern low maintenance haircut
  • slick short hair
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Lines are smooth in all lengths and the emphasis is on a natural flow, a pleasant element of casual amidst a lot of style, and also on femininity. This collection does not try to push the limits or to shock. Instead it creatively discovers variation of cuts, small changes in styling that can make a huge difference in character and appeal.
Hair: Cebado
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