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Davines Collection by Tim Hartley

The new Davines hairstyles collection by Tim Hartley oozes art and design out of every strand. Strong colors, contrasts and the graphic nature of the shapes are inspired by the photography of Herb Ritts and the world of movies, especially in the art house and film noir genre. Women are portrayed strong, confident and sensual underneath their controlled exterior.
  • retro short hairstyle
  • short haircut with high volume
  • short hair that frames the face
  • curved bangs
  • hair with blue color
  • blue hair
  • modern wavy hair
  • film star style for hair
  • all-time long hairdo
  • long hair with sleekness
  • 50s long hair
  • softened fringe
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The blend of art forms translated into hair is a masterpiece that comes in 3 haircuts - short, medium and long, which are then styled to 4 variations each. Extreme textures replace sleek surfaces and vice versa. Straight lines turn wild and voluminous.
The epicenter of all hairstyles is the fringe. Curved, angled or laser straight it is the lead actor in this colossal drama of iconic looks. Nostalgia comes with a sprinkle of romance and high tech. Colors enhance the boldness of the haircuts with flavors from berry and charcoal to blue-black and to a luscious copper.
Hairstyles: Tim Hartley for Davines
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