Davines Collection by Tim Hartley

Long and short hairstyles for women
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The Davines hairstyles collection by Tim Hartley oozes art and design out of every strand. Strong hair colors, contrasts and the graphic nature of the shapes are inspired by the photography of Herb Ritts and the world of movies, especially in the art house and film noir genre. Women are portrayed strong and confident underneath their controlled exterior.
The blend of art forms translated into hair is a masterpiece that comes in 3 haircuts - short, medium and long, which are then styled to 4 variations each. Extreme textures replace sleek surfaces and vice versa. Straight lines turn wild and voluminous.
The epicenter of all hairstyles is the fringe. Curved, angled or laser straight, it is the lead actor in this colossal drama of iconic looks. Nostalgia comes with a sprinkle of romance and high tech. Colors enhance the boldness of the haircuts with flavors from berry and charcoal to blue-black and to a luscious copper.

Short Haircut with High Volume

Retro short hairstyle
Short pixie haircut with high volume
A memory of the early decades of the last century is conjured by the intricate shape of this black and raspberry-colored short haircut.
The diagonal fringe is the centerpiece of both variations. The first example is a touch more controlled and styled with distinct lines and shapes, sleek shine alternating with determined movement. A delightful turbulence has taken over the second look with its high volume and frothy swirl of two-tone hair.

Face Framing Short Hairstyle

Short hair that frames the face
Short haircut with curved bangs
Twiggy and Edie Sedgewick are the godmothers of this intense face-framing short hairstyle. A curved fringe reaches from one cheekbone to the other and dominates the entire structure.
Here the radical contrast of the dark hair color and the lava red berry tone emerges to its full potential with glossy shine. The slight forward movement brings a captivating and deeply intriguing energy and momentum to the smooth and simple lines.

Blue Hair Coloring

Medium length hair with blue color
Blue hair coloring
The color of eternity meets Rock in this medium long but far from mediocre haircut. A nod to Patty Smith is evident. One half of the dominant fringe is laser straight with a sharp line that ends right below the eye. The other half takes a steep angle across the cheek.
Blunt cut, this extravagant hairstyle incorporates many classic elements, all elevated to postmodern art of hair with the exquisite blue coloring.

Modern Wavy Hairstyle

Modern style for wavy hair
Film star style for short hair
Two totally different expressions are based on the same haircut as in the previous pictures. The magic and power of hair styling should never be underestimated.
A ruffled, modern look that works with the innate slightly wavy structure of the hair, all fluffed up and shaped to casual volume is worlds and even decades away from the classic film star styling of the second hairstyle.
Smooth curls and graphic shapes bring the mystery of a classic film noir to the party.

All-time Long Hairstyle

all-time long hairdo inspired by the 60s and 70s
Proportions are the subject of a creative play that chooses as its main components an extremely straight fringe and way down below rounded and textured lengths. The simplicity and appeal of this all-time long hairstyle remind of Jane Birkin and other fashion and style icons of the 60s and 70s.

Long Hair with Sleekness

long hair with sleekness and copper tones
The iridescent yet subdued copper tone brings a dramatic element to the simplistic long hairstyle with the laser-sharp fringe. For straight hair to be this beautiful it has to be perfectly healthy.

50s Style for Long Hair

50s style long hair
Large waves turn into tighter curls progressively from top to bottom and pump up the volume of this long coppery hair. Again the fringe is key and here it has been styled inward in a thick rolling curve. A 1950s style with a lot of passionate volume and movement makes this one of the most coveted looks of the season.

Softened Waves and Curls

very long hair with softened waves and curls
The previous hairstyle is here slightly deconstructed. The fringe and the definition of the waves and curls are softened, which benefits the volume of the very long hair even more. Boosted to a wild and scrumptious mane one hardly recognizes the basic look from the first picture that slumbers beneath.
Hairstyles: Tim Hartley for Davines
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