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New Romantics Collection - Joanne O'Neill

Romance is all around, all the time. It is as essential as the air that we breathe. The only thing that changes is the way we celebrate and invite this basic human experience. There is nothing basic however about Joanne O'Neill's "New Romantics" collection.
In the 80's the new romantics captured our hearts with soulful tunes and fantasy fashions, today the Joanne O'Neill captures the essence of modern romance in hair.
  • hairstyle with a long graduated neck
  • hairstyle with short and long sections
  • short hair with styling options
  • neo punk hairstyle
  • raven black hair with curls
  • short hair with crimping
  • blonde afro
  • crimped Cleopatra bob
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Sensual short haircuts and dramatic middle length hairstyles come in the hottest hair colors of the season - as pure as love itself - black, white and spicy red. There are no compromises, no in betweens.
Let yourself be seduced by these classy and edgy looks!
Hair: Joanne O'Neill
Photography: Jim Crone
Make-up Artist: Irene Rogers
Clothes Stylist: Aisling Farinelle