"Ladies" by Peter Prosser

Hairstyles for blonde hair
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What can be more alluring than the well constructed lines of Peter Prosser's artistic talent of warm beige blondes with a smoother than smooth edge or ripples of lacy curls that dance about the head?
Perhaps your pleasure would be scrupulously clipped lines of hair that dart about as in a soft breeze or the luxurious appeal of enticing waves that grace below the shoulders. Indulge yourself; there are crisp clean transparent definitions of blonde hair that are showcased especially for your personal satisfaction.

Thick and Heavy Bob

Bob with a thick and heavy appearance and hair that covers the eyebrows
A fascinating smooth cycloid of buff blonde hair brings enticing reviews of tri-tones of light browns and dark blondes woven throughout the bob.
Beginning from the crown, the hair is combed forward to give a thick and heavy appearance as it covers the eyebrows and is directed close along the face and extends just a bit in the back. For exceptional sheen, spritz gloss.

Short Blonde Haircut

Short blonde haircut that exposes the neckline
The regal finesse of a short blonde haircut is obvious when we look at the lines that are cropped closely in the nape that fully exposes the neckline of the model, then noting the delicate curls that are styled up along the side of the face.
The blunt edge marshaled around the top for bangs gives us another approval of Prosser's precision cutting lines.

Rippled Curls

Long hairstyle with rippled curls that fall around the shoulders
Lacy ruffles of rippled curls snuggle sylphlike around the model's shoulders as if angel wings. The taffy beige extravaganza pulls upon the smooth lines on the top with small curly coils lying over the forehead while the glossy straightness exits into the fan of coils.

Short Blonde Curls

Short blonde hairstyle with waves and curls
The boldness that sophistication brings can present a confidence not otherwise had, when they have the introduction of warm beige curls framed into waves and curls that are amassed about the head. We should all look this good.

Layered Haircut

Medium length layered haircut with textured ends
The shocking appeal of platinum hair brings us some textured ends throughout the smoothly layered medium haircut. Sharp plunging hair covers one eye and gives a subtle flip that matches the rest of the hairstyle. No fluff, no puff and oh, so cool.

Up Style with Braids

Hair wound up for an up style with braids
The magnificence of the warm beige blonde sets the stage to see every fiber of hair that is wound up on top of the head. Ducky smooth curls are roped in and out one another with a large smooth band of hair defined to secure the "hat." Lastly, outstanding braids are set around the head giving an additional creative elegance.

Short Clipped Up Hairstyle

Short clipped up hairstyle for women
A touch of cosmopolitan gives magic to the short clipped up hairstyle that presents a worldly party type creation with the back and sides netted closely to the head. The enviable blonde stacks the rest of her hair toward the front that tips down to her nose. Gel will help you create this hairstyle.

Waves Below the Shoulders

Hairstyle with large waves nestling below the shoulders
The cheetah stalks its prey silently in the jungle fully unaware of how beautiful she is when she walks.
Like the colors of a cheetah, the model exhibits the tri-tones of her warm blonde colors through the abundance of large sexy waves nestling below her shoulders. Silky smooth bangs are edged over her brows and adding a flair of mystery to the long hair.

Punk and Spike

Punk inspired short hairstyle with exposed ears
Clipped tufts of short hair are scaled up in layers with a sail in the front of the top. Every hair is styled from the sides and flips upward and with the ears exposed, there is almost a combination of punk and spike, but much more than that, the master's touch is avant-garde.
Hair: Peter Prosser Hairdressing
Make-up: Irena Rogers
Clothes Styling: Bernard Connolly
Photographer: Daniel O'Connell
Art Direction & Production: Gary Gill
Products: Wella Professionals
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