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Peter Prosser Hairdressing

What can be more alluring than the well constructed lines of Peter Prosser's artistic talent of warm beige blondes with a smoother than smooth edge or ripples of lacy curls that dance about the head?
  • bob with heavy appearance
  • haircut that exposes the neckline
  • long hairstyle with rippled curls
  • short curls and waves
  • layered hairstyle
  • up do with braid
  • hair clipped up short
  • long waves hairstyle
  • spike hairstyle
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Perhaps your pleasure would be scrupulously clipped lines of hair that dart about as in a soft breeze or the luxurious appeal of enticing waves that grace below the shoulders. Indulge yourself; there are crisp clean transparent definitions of blonde hair that are showcased especially for your personal satisfaction.
Hair: Peter Prosser Hairdressing
Make-up: Irena Rogers
Clothes Styling: Bernard Connolly
Photographer: Daniel O'Connell
Art Direction & Production: Gary Gill
Products: Wella Professionals