Jack Holt Coiffeur Créateur

Hairstyles Fall-Winter 11-12

New long and short hair styles
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Intrigue and mystery accompany each one of the new hairstyles by Jack Holt, made for a truly exciting fall/winter season. All of these cool and sophisticated creations could be cast in a modern film noir. The long and short styles not only have a strong retro seasoning, but also drama, flair and finesse. Not to forget the glamour, which is understated, but definitely there.
Holt covers the entire range from casual to festive, spiky shorts to elegant updos and gives us much to choose from. Textures are sleek and soft, waves defined and lines are pure. The color palette follows the chic understatement and includes various shades of brown, one golden and one platinum shade. The hues are natural and treated for extreme shine.

Straight but not Strict

Fluid long and straight dark brown hair
Sleek and fluid long hairstyle
The lines of this long hairstyle are sleek, straight but also very fluid with gentle, wide curves that frame the face. The partition is in the center to take the simplicity up another notch. The result is a look that is so natural and has a perfect purity about it that is revolutionary all on its own.
On the sides the hair falls softly in generous curves and is long enough to rest behind her shoulders in a very effortless but oh so chic way. The hair color is a spicy dark brown with a matte sheen.

Demi-Updo with a Quiff

Long hair updo with a quiff and sleek length
A slight exaggeration in size makes this bulging quiff on top of her head stand out and gives her a couple of more inches of powerful height. Elegant as an afternoon in St. Tropez, this hairdo is grand and glamorous without being overbearing.
Simplicity again is the key and no big effects or accessories are needed to make this one stand out. All of the hair in front and on the sides is consequently gathered and pinned to the back where the rest of the ironed sleek length falls loosely down her back.

Water Waves with Attitude

Medium length brown hair with waves and a hat
Medium long hair with water waves
You can leave that hat on! Showing just a part of the luscious old Hollywood waves makes them even sexier. Soft glamour meets leather and a trendy hat.
The haircut is slightly layered around the bottom, giving this look even more volume and bounce. A tiny bit of deconstruction of the wavy action aids the look as well.

Business Chic

Short hairstyle with flexibility for the office
Very proper for the office, but not lacking a modern and fun edge, this short hairstyle carries with it a memory of Vidal Sassoon's famous 5 point cut that made the fashion world hold their breath in the 1960s. Unlike the original, this one features a long side fringe and smoother lines.
Some tapering and gently graduation add lift and shape. The secret is high flexibility and changeability which comes into play when you take a look at the next two hairstyles.

Gloss and Glam

Short feminine haircut with a 1950s quiff
Perfect for a night out on the town. The long fringe from the earlier look is now styled to a sky-high 1950s quiff that has good hold and even more attitude. The hair was lifted up and molded into the retro shape that is very feminine even though it has a masculine predecessor.
The sides are shaped with precision and geometric artistry and cling neatly to her head without any rebellious strands. The brown hair color has subtle highlights in a smoky berry color, and the finishing touch is a lot of gloss to make this short haircut shine.

Deconstructed Rotation

Dynamic short hair with the bangs styled into an arch
From the office to the club are not the only places this genius cut goes. A third look was styled that shows the quirky side of the short haircut. The long fringe is once again the main element.
This time it is styled to a seemingly weightless high arch. More half circles accompany it in its dynamic movement. The sides are still neat and controlled, and all of the activity happens on top of the head.

Sultry in Blonde

Feminine and sassy medium long blonde hair style
Medium long, vivacious and with much volume, especially on the upper half, this hairstyle is seductive, feminine and sassy. Casual and sophisticated at the same time this one could be on of the favorite looks of the season.
Of course it is highly versatile and can be styled in many ways from sporty to high glam. The hair color is a sun-kissed beige blonde with a satiny glow.

Warhol Made Over

Short blonde Andy Warhol inspired haircut with spiky layers
Who could forget the iconic hairstyle of pop artist Andy Warhol? His signature look might have just been the seed for this haircut. Long, spiky layers are cut with much texture in the tips and styled straight so that the hair sticks out around the head like fine icicles.
The densest part is on the crown and reaches to about eye level. Powerful platinum hair reflects the light in an iridescent shimmer. This look is unconventional, bold and Icy beautiful.

Twist Du Jour

Elegant updo with a sleek side
French twist updo
A French twist was taken to the extreme with a distinctive increase and exaggeration of the size and shape. Long, sleek hair is a prerequisite for this updo with pure elegance.
As it is the nature of a French twist, one side is sleek and polished while the other side shows the large roll that is curved following the shape of her head. As a special treat a very artistic ribbon was sculpted out of hair and draped in a loose knot.

Texture and Quiff

Modern men's hair cut for a James Dean look
A little lift in front creates this retro inspired quiff. A touch of James Dean suits every man, then and now. This modern men's haircut is full of texture and dynamic movement directed towards the back.
It can be styled with a comb for finer texture, but just running through the hair with the fingers will also have great results. This one is very high on the cool meter and already a new classic.
Hair: Jack Holt Coiffeur Créateur
Photography: Isshogai
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