"Bare Essentials" by Vanilla Rooms

Classic hair styling
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Bare Essentials is the title of the collection of unusually asymmetrical hairstyles created by Rebecca Dickinson and the Artistic Team of Vanilla Rooms in Doncaster. Of course, the name comes from the long-known truism that the hair makes or breaks a look.
No woman is well-dressed without well-coiffed hair, and in some circumstances glorious hair is all that is necessary to make a beautiful look. The prevalent theme of the collection appears to be that of long sweeping shapes.
Each hairstyle features a unique silhouette that catches and holds the attention. Using many of the classic styling techniques, the creative team has managed to craft a selection of eye-catching styles from seemingly simple style elements.
The hair color for the majority of the styles falls into the medium-to-light, golden, and beige-blonde ranges, with the obligatory exception of the first style done in a coffee-tone with subtle sable highlights.

Asymmetrical Up-Style

Asymmetrical up-style for long straight hair
This asymmetrical up-style is crafted from a head of long, straight hair cut into a simple textured cut with minimal layering. The hair is blown straight with an emphasis on smoothness and then passed through a flat iron to give a glossy finish. Use a firm-hold styling product and smoothing serum to give the hair structure and long-lasting style results.
The forward portions of the top and side sections are separated from the remaining hair and the rear portions of these sections, along with the nape and crown, are drawn loosely to the right-rear oblique and wound into a smooth roll.
Once the roll is complete, the forward portions that were isolated before are divided into three sections and smoothed into sweeping accents which are affixed to the roll of hair above and below it as shown. The remaining portion on the left side is plied with hairspray and ironed to create a firm accent with a bend as a design element.

Steeply Angled Bob

Steeply angled bob
Angled bob with a long fringe
Here we see what appears to be a steeply angled bob with convex lines and razor-defined layers. The fringe area is long and angle-cut to form a sweeping semi-circular veil of hair across the eyes. The sides taper sinuously into sweeping curves to gently brush the cheeks and frame the face. The hair color is light, golden-blonde with pale butter-cream highlights.
The nape and crown taper up from the hairline to blend smoothly and create an attractive, smooth finish and silhouette. The hairstyle is achieved with a blow-dryer, a large, round brush and a firm-hold styling gel. Follow this with a flat iron to direct the hair into a long, curved line and give the hair a sleek glossy finish.

Swept Up Fringe Area

Medium to short length layered haircut with the fringe area swept up
Let's start with a medium to short length layered haircut in a dark-golden blonde with pale highlights. The hair is then styled using rollers in decreasing size from the top of the head to the lower perimeter. The rollers are placed for maximum lift from the scalp area.
Once set, the curls are combed out lightly and the arrangement of the hairstyle is begun. This consists of directing the left side of the head upward to wrap over the top into a pseudo-roll and add its fullness into the large curls at the top section.
The fringe area is swept up and back in a large loop and the right side is backcombed lightly and forms an outward angle. The hair can be misted with hairspray and lightly scrunched to create definition in the curls and add stability to the style.

Springy Curls

hairstyle with lots of curls
Another example of full-volume styling, this look builds on a lightly layered cut with a short layering zone. The result is a wedge-shaped silhouette that is crowned by a smoothly parted plateau. The creation of this hairstyle involves wrapping the lower portions of the hair using small-to-medium rollers in order to maximize the volume and curl in the hair.
The hair should be wrapped using a firm-hold styling gel for strong, springy curls and once set, the curls are combed out with a wide-tooth comb or a pick, and backcombed to add volume and create the wedge shape. The top section of the hair which was left out of the wrapping process can be parted along the left side and smoothed across the top of the curls. The ends of these portions of hair should be curled using a heated iron to mimic the roller set curls and blend the ends into the style.
The accent curl that is shown spilling forward across the model's shoulder is most-likely an extension piece that was attached at a lower point on the head and curled using a waving iron. A light misting of hairspray can be used with a gentle patting and scrunching technique to redefine the curls and give a long-lasting hold.
Hair: Rebecca Dickinson at Vanilla Rooms, Doncaster
Styling: Vanilla Rooms Artistic Team
Make-up: Justine Collins
Photography: Richard Miles
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