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Haircuts Created by Felicitas - Barcelona

Barcelona has been a Mecca for international artists and aficionados for many a decade and the fashion world in the Catalan capitol is booming like never before. Another metropolis inspired this collection: Chicago. Throw in the art and conventional ideas of aesthetics are challenged.
Inspired by cubism with its rule breaking lines, overlapping of elements, straight cuts and determined curves these short haircuts play with our perception and at the same lift our senses like a sparkling Spanish cava champagne.
  • geometric short haircut
  • graduated nape
  • pointed hair style
  • haircut with longer strands
  • haircut with the ears free
  • short haircut with a steep nape
  • round haircut
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Refresh yourself with a touch of art in your hair! You don't even have to speak Spanish to do it...
Haircuts: Felicitas & Team
Make-up: Trini F. Silva
Photography: Janusz Szpakowski