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French Riviera by Dessange

There is nothing like a summer in the South of France. Jacques Dessange blessed us with a collection of hairstyles that convey the joie de vivre of the French Riviera whether you are there or not. If light blonde is your color or one that you would like to have, take a close look at these eight beauties.
  • rich girl look
  • long hair swept to one side
  • hair with up flipped sides
  • medium long hair with curls
  • ear-revealing haircut
  • short bob
  • short hair with curved sides
  • feminine short haircut
  • manageable short haircut
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Long glamorous looks with and without dramatic curls are followed by a series of medium long and short haircuts. Classic, feminine lines are just a part of this collection as are soft texture, much movement and sun kissed highlights that compete with the sparkle in your glass of champagne.
Haircuts: DESSANGE
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