Guys & Dolls Hairforce - Summer 06

Modern feminine hair
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For the summer, the creative minds at Guys & Dolls Hairforce in Denmark have given us a collection of soft, romantic hairstyles.
These styles each combine modern silhouettes and angles with soft texturing and smooth styling. The looks are all feminine, but never prissy.

Straightforward Short Hair

Short hairstyle for women who like things simple and straightforward
Short hairstyle for a bold look
Haircut with ear level length hair
Short wedge-cut hair with a long fringe
This bold look suits best the woman who knows her own mind. She likes things simple and straightforward. The haircut is a long wedge cut with the weighty area dropped to the ear level. The ends are layered to fall smoothly and create the soft silhouette, and the foreground features a fringe that is long and expressive in its versatility.
Shown here, the fringe is parted along the left side of the top section and styled to give the face a gentle caress as it creates the teardrop frame of the eyes. The ends are long enough to tuck behind the ears for a neater appearance (or just to keep them occupied) while you work.

Below the Shoulders Haircut

Multi-tonal blonde hair
Below the shoulders haircut - Side view
Long blonde hair with a curved fringe
Long deeply layered hair
Multi-tonal blonde hair, featuring shades that range from soft wheat to buttery gold, forms the medium from which this long style is crafted. The haircut is a predominantly blunt cut to below the shoulders, while the forward edges are layered deeply for softness and texture.
The foreground features a fringe area that is gently curved and deeply textured to give a feathery finish to the ends of the hair. The style is parted along the right and blown out using a round brush to create soft curves and a light, airy finish.

Razor-Cut Bob

Razor-cut bob hair for medium and fine hair types
Hairstyle for fine hair types
Hairstyle suited to fine hair
Attractive medium length hair
Take a classic bob and give it a little length, then razor-cut the perimeter and you'll find a soft, wispy look, perfectly suited to medium and fine hair types. The horizontal fringe is also razor-textured and gives a suitable accent to the finely shaped brows.
The hair color is a soft, naturally pale brown and helps to enhance the lightness of the style. The hairstyle is simple, yet seems to have all the energy and movement needed to flatter the face.

Super-Short Hairstyle

Very short haircut for women
Tapered short pixie haircut for women
Boyish short hair for women
Pixie with short and tapered back and sides
In many cases, the super short hairstyles or pixies cuts we see women sporting are referred to as "gamine" or "boyish" depending on whether or not you are prone to using French terms in conversation.
Yet this cut isn't just a "boyish" cut, it is effectively a classic men's haircut called the Princeton or Collegiate cut. It is notable for its short and tapered back and sides and the progressively increasing length from back to front in the crown and top sections. Although the hair is cut very short, pixie cuts can look very cute and feminine!
What makes this cut different is the added texturing that is done to give a lighter feel to the style. Styling consists of a blow-out with a texturing product for fullness and to create the softened silhouette.
Hairstyles: Guys and Dolls Hairforce - Denmark
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