Cebado Haircuts

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The collection from Cebado reintroduces the importance of texture in style and hair fashion. Four distinctly different looks each feature the common element of distinctive texture in the creation of the look.
From choppy and loose, to flowing and feathery, to soft and wavy, these hairstyles flatter and frame the face shapes they adorn.

Pseudo-Wedge Bob

Bob haircut with a fringe that falls to mid-nose
This pseudo-wedge bob haircut features a fringe that falls to mid-nose and is lightly layered. The perimeter is chipped into for added texture and to balance the bulkiness of the hairstyle as well as softening the otherwise hard angles.
The color is a warm medium brown with some cinnamon highlights.
Styling is achieved with a blow dryer using what is likely a texturing paste and the fingers to give lift and to gently scrunch the hair to maximize the impact of the texture and the natural wave of the hair.

Steeply Tapered Neckline

Short haircut with a steeply tapered neckline for baby fine gray hair
This silvery and almost gray, moonlight-blonde hairstyle builds from baby fine hair. The haircut is extreme - short with undercut sides and a steeply tapered neckline that flare into a fuller, layered crown and top section.
The fine, layered hair is point-cut for a feathery, airy texture in the styling. The hair is blow-dried for volume and lift and a firm hold product is used to allow the sculptural effect seen above.
The fringe sweeps up and over from a right side part and forms an s-curve as it whisks back into the clouds of silvery strands that create the rest of the hairstyle. Along the perimeter, the shortest lengths of the style lie close to the skin giving shape to the silhouette without overpowering or distracting from the upper elements.

70s Men's Look

Classic 70s men's haircut with an elongated nape
On the whole, the hairstyle is a simple, clean look reminiscent of the classic men's looks in the 70s. The fringe is cut to just below the brow, the sides are angled along the bottom of the ears and an elongated nape section is blunt cut with interior layers to create a smooth tapered finish.
The texturing in this hairstyle is ultra-fine to the point of seeming non-existing. The weight of the haircut falls to just below the parietal ridge, and the lower layers taper smoothly to that point.
The color is a warm coffee color, with high gloss finish. Styling is achieved with a blow-dryer and flat brush using a smoothing balm and glossing serum. An added touch of pomade afterward can be worked through with the fingers to give some definition to the style.

Sweeping Curls

Hairstyle with huge sweeping curls and maximum fullness
The blend of cool ebony shades and warm sable tones in the color create an interesting interplay of subtle highlighting. The haircut is a classic, long-layered technique allowing for maximum fullness and movement in the hair.
Styling is all about the volume, with maximum lift and huge, sweeping curls creating a sultry, romantic look. The look can be achieved using a blow-dry method with a large-barrel curling iron to give shape to the curl, or you can create long-lasting curl and lift using a wet set with super-large tools overloaded and gently air-dried to prevent frizz.
Once the curl is set, use a large-tooth comb, a pick or the fingers to arrange the hairstyle and mist with hairspray and gently scrunch to add definition.

Short Haircut & Length in the Top

Short haircut with length in the top and crown sections
This layered short haircut is created with a very shallow layering which creates dramatic length in the top and crown sections and tapering length along the sides and nape areas. Drawing the hair back to the nape area helps to create the proper variance in the lengths as shown. The cutting guide can be stationary, but the direction and elevation (or specifically the lack of elevation) is the key factor.
Styling consists of a blow-dry style to create lift at the scalp and allow the building of volume. Use firm hold styling gel on damp hair and comb it through before drying. The sides and back are kept smooth and close to the scalp as a contrasting element of the style.
Using a large round brush, the hair is sculpted into a soft, blown-out wave. Finish the look with a light misting of hairspray, and the fingers can be used to separate individual locks and gently pat the hair smooth of flyaway strands.

Modern Men's Haircut

Modern men's haircut with razor texturing
This modern take on the men's shaggy look follows the perimeter of a classic men's haircut while keeping sufficient layered length to create the slightly mussed look that is both sexy and edgy. The nape and fringe areas are elongated to emphasize the vertical lines of the cut, and the ends of the layered lengths are razor-textured to create a soft, choppy effect.
The styling is achieved using medium hold styling gel (or mousse) on damp hair and blow-drying the hair using a medium round brush. As the hair dries, the brush can be used to create randomized bends and flips in the direction of the hair, and once dried, a dab of pomade will help create definition and add texture to the hairstyle.

Classy Up-Style

Up-style with elements of the classic chignon
This classy, classically-inspired up-style combines elements of the classic chignon with full-volume styling. The hair is smoothed back along the scalp to the crown and back-combed to create a large, soft mass, which is turned under and secured against the base of the style. A slim lock of hair is used to mask the base of the up-style anchor points and the style is plied with an ultra-hold spray to assure a clean, sharp finish.
The keys here are focusing on a smooth finish to the style. The ends of the hair may be softly curled to create added volume and structure to the up-swept portion of the hair, but the back-combing should be carefully concealed in the interior so as to maintain the clean silhouette of the hairstyle.

Classic Men's Look

Classic men's hair styled away from the face with gel
Clean-cut and debonair, this style is a classic men's look. The haircut follows the traditional men's cut around the perimeter of the hair.
In fact, it appears that this hairstyle is a restyling of the modern men's haircut. In this case, the layered and textured hair is easily styled using a firm-hold gel on damp hair to create this sleek, defined look.
The hair is combed away from the face in a radial pattern to form the defined rows of strands using the teeth of the comb. The finished style is one suited to a formal gala or any event where you want to look carefully groomed and tailored.

Soft High-Volume Hairstyle

High-volume medium length hairstyle with forward layers around the face
This soft, high-volume hairstyle features forward layers around the face and within the fringe area. The side parting allows the hair to create a forward crest which feathers gently in a sweeping arc.
The sable color is rich, and the finish is glossy and reflective allowing lots and lots of light to bounce off the strands and give the hair a satin-like glow.
The styling is likely accomplished using a blow-dryer and round brush with a soft-hold styling product such as a mousse. Afterward, a quick setup with Velcro rollers and a misting of hairspray and heat can help max-out the volume and enhance the gentle bend in the hair.

Modern Men's Haircut

Modern men's haircut on a model wearing a satin shirt
Here's another modern men's haircut that takes from traditional forms and brings them to the present. The perimeter follows tradition by offering a definitive sideburn and elongated nape, while the weight line of the cut angles gently from the forehead all the way down to behind the ears in a classic bowl pattern almost. The usual bulkiness of the bowl cut is mitigated by gentle layering and the deep texturing of the hair is to create tendrils in the finished ends.
A blow-dry styling with sculpting gel or paste to a mostly dry state is a great start to this hairstyle and is probably finished using a pomade or perhaps a dab of smoothing serum to finger through the hair and make a mussed arrangement.

Pixi Cut

Pixie cut with tapered sides and back
Pale platinum blonde with cottony softness seems to best sum up this look. The hair is a pixie cut with tapered sides and back that gain length as you move up the head to the crown and top sections where the hair is left longer, yet layered for movement and malleability.
The hair is blow-dried to create a soft, smooth finish with a round brush. This will be enhanced and reinforced through a light mist of hairspray and gentle pat with the fingertips and palms.
Just remember not to overdose on the product or you'll create a look that's crystalline instead of soft.

High-Impact Hairstyle

Short haircut with lots of volume and backcombing
Starting with the same short haircut, we see an alternative to styling it that creates a high-impact hairstyle with lots of volume and a soft-sculpted look.
As before use blow-dry styling with a round brush and a strong-hold styling product.
Backcombing the interior portions of the hair will help to provide structure in the style and support the high-rise elements.
The flat edge of a brush or comb will then be used to smooth the exterior and create the sleek shape and silhouette.

Razor-Cut Bob

Razor-cut bob with layering and a curved fringe
The soft, faun-colored tresses in this razor-cut bob feature rounded lines and gentle layering to create a soft, rounded silhouette.
The haircut offers a long, deeply-curved fringe and side parting to form a soft veil across the brow.
Styling is most-likely affected with a blow-dryer and round brush to give lift and fullness to the hair.
Use volumizing mousse to give the style lift and hold, and finish with a light hairspray to give a clean, fuzz-free finish.

Long Blonde Waves

Long blonde hair with waves and forward layers
Long, flowing, blonde waves in shades of cream and warm blonde graduate from a dirty blonde base at the scalp to give this hairstyle a summer blonde look.
The layered color reflects the natural changes in hair color from season to season as the exposure to sunlight extends and recedes.
The haircut features forward layers to frame the face and provide some extra movement and a balance of the hair's volume.

Modern Short Hair

Modern short haircut that is a cross between a pixie and a bowl cut
This modern short haircut is crafted on a head-full of creamy blonde hair.
Starting with a base cut that is a cross between a pixie and bowl-style cut. The cut features rounded perimeter lines - including an extended, angled fringe - with softly tapered ends.
The style is created with a gentle blow-out and flat brush to keep the smooth, straight look.
Use a smoothing serum in order to keep the satiny, shiny look to the hair, and avoid fly-away strands and frizz.

Clean-Cut Men's Hair

Clean-cut men's hair
This men's haircut harkens back to the traditional looks of past ages. The style is very clean-cut and precise. The sides and back of the head are most easily cut using clippers and carefully graduate to short, choppy layering in the top and upper-crown sections.
In this instance the sides (and likely the back) appear to be cut using a #3 guard while the longest portions of the tops section are at most 2.5 inches (6.25 cm) in length.
Styling is blown-out with a structuring paste to give firmness and texture to the hair. This makes the uneven ends most visible and keeps the shortest lengths directed and aligned as desired.

1930s Look

Short curly haircut and tight shiny turtleneck
Looking very 1930s European, this short, layered, curly hairstyle is a classic look.
The large, soft curls give volume and fullness to hair that may be fine in texture or thin in density, making a perfect choice for those hair types. The all-over volume is good for thin or angular faces as the soft curves help to balance sharper features. The color is a soft, neutral light brown just dark enough to avoid being called blonde.
You can get this above the turtleneck look at home with a classic roller set. Just remember to use larger tools and a very light product in setting the curl. Brush out the curls gently to keep definition as much as possible.

Long Hair with Large Waves

Long blonde hair with large waves
The simple meets the divine. This long, blunt haircut departs from the realm of boring by the addition of large, even waves in the hair. The color is a pale, neutral palette, run through with finely executed highlights and lowlights in milky or honeyed tones respectively.
Get this hairstyle for yourself with carefully wrapped large curlers placed well-off base to avoid creating lift in the top of the head. Use a smoothing serum to help set the curl to ensure a sleek, shiny, and smooth finish. Once the curls are fully set, gently brush through to form these even waves.

Short Bob Cut

Short bob haircut with layering and a curved cutting line
Softness is the keyword for this milky look. With a blonde the color of rich cream, the short bob cut is balanced with some layering created with a curved cutting line. The fringe area is heavily feathered and gives a soft, sheer veil above the eyes.
This hairstyle is all about the hair, and treating is gently. Use a light product and gently blow-out the style using a round brush. Direct the airflow up to create volume in the lower portions, and if needed use a light spray laminator to give the hair a last shimmer of shine when finished.

Short Layered Men's Haircut

Short layered men's haircut
This short layered men's haircut is another hybrid look, combining the elements of the faux-hawk and the classic caesar cut. The perimeter follows the classic men's style around the ears and down along the nape of the neck, including sideburns, but tapers as you move up the scalp to the top and crown sections. The lengths in the top of the head increase to the center top, and the hair is heavily textured using a point-cutting technique.
The finishing elements come in the styling as the hair is blown-out with forward direction causing the layers to follow the contour of the scalp from the nape and crown along the sides and top of the head. The fringe area is turned straight up which helps to enhance the vertical focus of the style.
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