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Cebado Haircuts

The collection from Cebado reintroduces the importance of texture in style and hair fashion. Four distinctly different looks each feature the common element of distinctive texture in the creation of the look. From choppy and loose, to flowing and feathery, to soft and wavy, these hairstyles flatter and frame the face shapes they adorn.
  • mid-nose length bangs
  • baby fine hair
  • 70s men's hairstyle
  • hairstyle with curls for movement
  • short hair with length on top
  • modern men's hairstyle
  • classy updo for hair
  • sleek men's look for hair
  • high-volume hairstyle
  • men's haircut with elongated nape
  • gamine short hair cut
  • high-impact hairdo
  • soft razor-cut bob
  • long flowing hair
  • modern look for short hair
  • clean-cut style for men
  • short haircut and tight smooth turtleneck
  • long wavy hair
  • short bob for blonde hair
  • short layered haircut for men
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