The Futuretec Collection

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Vibrant hair colors
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Using architecture and ecological involvement as inspiration, the styles in this collection offer a new way to think about hairstyles in the future. The Futuretec collection reveals two trends that offer unique and progressive designer styles.
Using vibrant hair colors such as ice blue, pastel violet, and silver gray, mixed with metallic effects, these styles are truly fascinating.
The hairstyles are influenced by a mix of the virtual and real worlds. Modern technology offers a feel for the styles included within the collection. The clothing materials and makeup are also influenced by the virtual world.
Mixing urban life with a statement about nature is the inspiration for these hairstyles. The hair colors used are very vivid and natural, inspired by the earth.
The shades help maintain a natural feeling to the look while also making a fashion statement. The makeup and intensity of the hair color offer a more urban feel to the look.

Perfectly Smooth Hair

Smooth and polished hair
Helmet inspired haircut
Sleek shining hair
Colors: The color shades specially designed for the Virtualist trend feature a high-quality and pure clear background foundation color with virtual, translucent accents. Pastel color gradients ranging from smokey gray and progressive silver to soft violet tones through to ice blue shimmers give blonde and brown backgrounds a mystic-virtual haze with a new metallic touch.
Cuts: Inspired by armors and helmets, the key to these individual hairstyles is clear, round forms - precise, compact, and perfectly smooth and polished. Important characteristics include individual, disconnected sections and round, organic silhouettes with architectural geometric exteriors.
Style: Goldwell's "Virtualist Sleek Cream Paste" is a must-have for the sleek, shining look of every Virtualist fan. A controlled, defined look with a smooth surface perfectly enhances the combination of the exceptional hair color and cut.

Dynamic Hair

Hair with dynamic movement
Hair sculpted with texture gum
Hairstyle that reflects naturalness
Colors: A colorful, rich, yet natural color play made up of warm and cool natural tones. Earthy brown, intensive gold, multi-dimensional copper, and subtle sandalwood characterize this trend. The strong and authentic background foundation color is achieved through skillful placement of color details, especially developed for this trend. The result is a combination of cosmopolitan style with confident casualness and positive spirit.
Cuts: These styles reflect naturalness and texture in dynamic movement. The focus is on customized, individual styles created through an especially developed graduated hair cutting technique - the 70/30 cutting method. This technique involves the point-cut technique, where 70% of the hair in one mesh is point-cut, leaving the remaining 30% of the hair the same length in the same mesh. This ratio can also be reversed, with 30% of the hair cut much shorter and 70% only slightly.
Style: Goldwell's "Ecopolitan Texture Gum" puts the cut and color of every Ecopolitan into the spotlight. The melting gum with fiber effect enables artistic sculpting of the hair and adds massive texture to it.
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