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The Futuretec Collection

Goldwell Trend Zoom 2009

Using architecture and ecological involvement for inspiration, the styles in this collection offer a new way to think about hairstyles in the future. The Futuretec collection reveals two new trends that both offer unique and progressive designer styles.
  • smooth and polished look
  • helmet inspired haircut
  • sleek sjining hair
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Using vibrant colors such as ice blue, pastel violet, and silver gray, mixed with metallic effects, these styles are truly fascinating. The hairstyles are influenced by a mix of the virtual and real world. Modern technology offers a feel for the styles that are included within the collection. The clothing materials and the makeup are also influenced by the virtual world.
  • hair with dynamic movement
  • hair sculpted with texture gum
  • hairstyle reflecting naturalness
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Mixing the urban life with a statement about nature is the inspiration for these hairstyles. The colors that are used are very vivid and natural, inspired by the earth. The shades help maintain a natural feeling to the look while also making a fashion statement. The makeup and the intensity of the hair color offer a more urban feel to the look.
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