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Women with different haircuts
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In Leicestershire, a creative team made up of Jackie Harrington and Jo Robertson give expression to a woman's desire for beauty. It is a universal desire that all women share, and is one that can take a multitude of shapes and forms.
This hairstyles collection is a menagerie of just such expressions. The media comes in a range of colors and textures and lengths and the expressions themselves are versatile and changing.
Look closely, and you'll find four women with four different cuts sporting eight different looks and all having one common trait: they're beautiful.

Romantic Ravished Look

Romantic ravished hairstyle for long hair
Long, flowing hair with minor layering to add depth and dimension and to frame the face, and loose, wavy, blown-out styling, all add up to a romantic, ravished look. The style is full of volume without appearing overly structured and wild without appearing random.
The hairstyle can be achieved through a wet set using large rollers to give the hair soft bend and a blow-dryer to lift the hair at the scalp and add in volume during the brush out. A volumizing mousse and smoothing serum are good ingredients to create the soft hold for the wave and the defined tendrils.

Long Raven-Hued Hair

Hairstyle for women with triangular faces
Raven-hued tresses are long, and layered at the ends for balance and volume control. The hair is styled with no lift at the scalp, and parted on the right side of center to follow the scalp in a slightly waving finger-styled arrangement with the ends curled for maximum volume into a froth of loops.
The hairstyle is ideal for women with triangular faces in order to widen the jaw area and balance a broad forehead. It's easily possible to style the hair using a finger-waving technique and small rollers for the ends of the hair.

Sophisticated Look

Short hairstyle with an outward bend in the ends
While most women extol the virtues of long hair - citing as a primary reason the attraction length offers - I find that short hair is just as beautiful and far less cumbersome. This lovely, beige-blonde razor cut is inarguably a pretty, sophisticated look.
The angled fringe is steeply textured, and the ends are lightly layered to soften the hard line normally associated with the bob-type cut. Styling involves a blow-dryer and round brush - to smooth out the hair and create the gentle, outward bend in the ends of the hair. A firm-hold styling product and smoothing balms are important for structure and texture.

Loose Spirals

Shoulder-length hairstyle with loose spirals
A shoulder-length, A-line bob cut from a head full of fine-textured, buttery-blonde hair. The hair is parted just left of center and styled with loose spirals of curl. This curl could be natural, or could be the result of wet set styling or heated tools.
Regardless of the methods, they should include a medium-hold product and smoothing balms, to give the hair texture and structure and to make the style last as long as it can. The curls - once set - should be carefully softened to create a look that is both "styled" and "stylish". Afterward, a misting of hairspray creates a stable finish.

Partial Up-Style

Partial up-style with the hair ends secured at the nape
If we reflect back to hairstyle one, we see the same model here, but with a distinctly different look. This is a partial up-style where the back half of the top section, the crown section and the upper portion of the nape are back combed and shaped into a swell of hair, and the ends are secured at the nape.
The forward portion of the top section is parted on the left and smoothed around to cling to the scalp and blend with the right side section. The portion on the left of the part is smoothed into the left side section and the two sides are further smoothed and directed to blend into the remaining hair.
The gathering point at the nape is secured using the accessory of choice and then camouflaged by wrapping it with a tendril of hair. The remaining tail of hair is brushed smooth and draped around the neck and shoulder. Smoothing balm and serum can be used to assure the hair stays smooth and frizz-free.

Pseudo Chignon Hairstyle

Pseudo chignon hairstyle with curls at the ends of the hair
Just as with hairstyle two, this is a style with little to no volume at the scalp. The difference comes in as the hair is drawn back along the scalp to be secured at the nape of the neck in a pseudo chignon style.
By starting from the base styling techniques of the previous look (in hairstyle two) the hair can be easily converted to this updo, by drawing the hair back to the nape and securing it at this location. A misting of hairspray and gentle scrunching with the fingers will help to redefine the curls at the ends of the hair, and to minimize the frizz that could come as a result of the extra manipulation of the curl.

Loose Waving Swell of Hair

Updo for medium length or semi short hair with smoothed sides and nape
If you glance at the counterpart photo and see the sister style to this one, you may not believe it. The dramatic way that a hairstyle can alter the way a person looks is never more evident than it is right here. That counterpart is hairstyle three and the change is amazing.
With the sides and nape smoothed along the scalp into a snug twist, the crown and top sections are swept into a loose waving swell of hair. The volume can come as the result of a wet set using large rollers, or through heat styling with large diameter tools.
Once the curl is set, the hair is brushed out and styled as desired to emphasize the vertical lines of the face and create visual interest and height.

Piled High Updo

Updo with piled high hair
Creating a chic, sophisticated style with elegance and pizzazz is a piece of cake, if we begin with the loose, flowing curls of the style shown in hairstyle four and convert them into the piled high up-style shown here.
Taking the sides and back sections and drawing them close into a tight upward twist, the hair is stacked in a vertical cone. The crown and top sections are guided into a gentle swirl that provides its own support and enhancement. Supported by hairpins and back-combed hair strands, the hair forms a tower or texture and softly variant color to reflect and refract light.
A sparse misting of hairspray will allow you to redefine the curls and will give the towering arrangement more hold.
Hair: Jackie Harrington & Jo Robertson at Harrington Robertson, Leicestershire
Styling: Harrington Robertson Artistic Team
Make-up: Heather White
Photography: Richard Miles
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