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Harrington Robertson

In Leicestershire, a creative team made up of Jackie Harrington and Jo Robertson give expression to a woman's desire for beauty. It is a universal desire that all women share, and is one that can take a multitude of shapes and forms.
  • romantic look for long hair
  • hairstyle for triangular faces
  • sexy haircut with outward bend
  • shoulder-length piral curls
  • partial up-hair
  • pseudo chignon hairdo
  • up-style for medium length hair
  • high-piled hair
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This hairstyles collection is a menagerie of just such expressions. The media comes in a range of colors and textures and lengths and the expressions themselves are versatile and changing.
Look closely, and you'll find four women with four different cuts sporting eight different looks and all having one common trait: they're beautiful.
Hair: Jackie Harrington & Jo Robertson at Harrington Robertson, Leicestershire
Styling: Harrington Robertson Artistic Team
Make-up: Heather White
Photography: Richard Miles