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COIFF1RST Creations

Sensuous, rebellious, delicate and so very French. The hairstyles are cut with perfection and then disheveled with fiery joie de vivre. Curls are a main focus and they come out large and voluminous. You'll find straight and teased sections close to flamboyant waves and strong forward motion.
The colors are warm and natural. Pure sensuality, passion, playfulness and the determination of a force of nature. Earthy, chocolaty and golden tones dominate the palette at COIFF1RST. Styles are as simple and elegant as a little black dress, as bold as espresso and as bubbly as a glass of champagne.
  • 60s partial updo
  • updo for summer
  • sporty midlength hair
  • face framing haircut
  • wild hair look
  • medium long hair
  • large curls for medium length hair
  • disheveled hairstyle
  • untamed curls
  • short hairdo with flowers
  • hair styled with a forward flow
  • trendy hairstyle
  • out of bed look for midlength hair
  • waves for a natural look
  • semi-updo

  • business style for curled hair
  • young hairstyle
  • medium long haircut
  • secretary haircut
  • super straight hair
  • corkscrew curls
  • hair styled with large curlers
  • stylish long hair
  • sporty look for long hair
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Hairstyles: COIFF1RST - Paris