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Sensuous, rebellious, delicate and so very French. The hairstyles are cut with perfection and then disheveled with fiery joie de vivre. Curls are a main focus and they come out large and voluminous. You'll find straight and teased sections close to flamboyant waves and strong forward motion.
The colors are warm and natural. Pure sensuality, passion, playfulness and the determination of a force of nature. Earthy, chocolaty and golden tones dominate the palette at COIFF1RST. Styles are as simple and elegant as a little black dress, as bold as espresso and as bubbly as a glass of champagne.

1960s Fluffed Partial Updo

Classic 60's updo with the hair loosely held at the back
Still dreaming of Jeannie? The classic 1960s teased and fluffed up do now comes with elements of the 21st century. The upper hair is teased then straightened on top and combed back. It is loosely held at the back of the head with your favorite barrette or tucked under.
Let the long bangs flow on the side of your face and the lower sections of the hair slightly teased with fingers to give them a light ruffled appearance.

Updo for Summer

Messy updo for summer that works with medium long hai
Strong women like wild updos. This feisty hairstyle is ideal for those long hot summer nights or even days. It works great with medium long, layered hair. Pull all the hair on the side and back together, twist one time and fasten with a barrette at the back of the head.
Use the curling iron on the shorter hair on top as well as the strands sticking up from the back. Massage with mousse to get the "messy" look.

Sporty Refreshing Hairstyle

Sporty and refreshing tapered hairstyle with waves
Curls is the word of the season. Generous waves adorn many classic hairstyles and bring them to new heights. This voluminous tapered haircut is sporty and refreshing, yet at the same sexy and mysterious.
Blow dry lightly layered hair forward, add a handful of mousse and knead through hair until the desired effect appears. Fixate with some spray.

Face Framing Look

Face framing look with disobient hair strands
A new variation on the classic round cut. A few disobedient strands create a fun and casual effect. Shake it, ruffle it, stand upside down. No matter where you are this face framing look will get all the attention.
Blow dry forward and then ruffle with fingers and the help of some mousse. Shine serum and hairspray give the finishing touch.

Soft Wild Look

1980 ish shoulder long hairstyle for a soft wild look
Wild and untamed, but styled with perfection. Nothing comes as a coincidence with this shoulder long hairstyle. It might appear a touch 1980 ish but it is far from the starched, spiky cuts of that decade.
The new wild looks are soft, voluminous, based on a perfect cut and effortlessly gorgeous. Here layered hair is brushed and dried over the head, lightly teased and massaged with mousse.

Attention to the Eyes

Medium long hair with bangs that bring attention to the eyes
Light, fluffy, sexy, ruffled and a bit disheveled - all with planned perfection. Here medium long hair is layered from the nose-line. The side partition is all but straight, however determined and results in charming bangs that bring the right attention to the eyes.
The lower hair is curled over an iron or hot rollers and combed with fingers. The chocolate color brings warmth.

Generous Large Curls

Short hairstyle with large curls and straight diagonal bangs
This short curly hairstyle is just exuding joie de vivre. Pure seduction in shiny mousse color. Wide, long and straight bangs are combed diagonally across the forehead, the hair is parted from the crown in a large Z.
The lower half is transformed into generous large curls with an curling iron or heated rollers. Fluff up with fingers and balance the neat and straight parts with some rebellious, feisty strands.

Long Voluminous Hairstyle

Voluminous and slightly disheveled long hairstyle
One day nice, the other day naughty. With a perfect base cut you can have it all. A Z-partition and light teasing at the roots bring out this voluminous and slightly disheveled hairstyle. The bangs are long, the lower third of the hair is layered just enough to take off some weight and create wispy ends. Blow dry over the head, tease, ruffle and fixate it with a generous dose of shine adding hairspray.

Untamed Curls

Long hairstyle with large untamed curls and a zigzag partition
Large, untamed curls turn the wallflower into a love goddess. Let your hair do the talking, especially when it is as eloquent as this mocha and caramel colored creation. The long hair is partitioned in the middle in a zigzag way.
The lower quarter is lightly layered and the large curls, natural or heat shaped are only divided with the fingers. Tease some sections just a touch and give it all a good shake to fall freely and sensuously.

Short Hair with Flowers

Short hair with flowers
The new flower girls wear their hair short and the flowers large. A seductive variation on the new summer hairstyles is to adorn them with colorful blooms. Raid your florist store for fragrant flowers to wear in your hair or even the craft store for some longer lasting silk flowers. A simple bobby-pin keeps them in place. Tease your hair and fluff it up with fingers and mousse, then pin in the flowers.

Forward Flow

Chin length hair styled with a forward flow
New trend ideas translated into hair with consequence. This extravagant haircut has the main elements of the new season, in concentrated and intense form. The chin length hair undergoes a determined forward flow with the help of a large curling iron.
The back is styled straight, the top of the hair and sides storm forward, ending in an outward, upward wave of the bangs.

Forward Styling

Trendy round hairstyle with forward styling towards the face
Like a flower in the wind. A basic round hairstyle, ideal for full hair, is getting light and trendy with low set layers and a wispy forward styling towards the face. The color of the hair is a dark chocolate with some lighter, café au lait colored strands and painted tips. Roll the ends with your fingers and add some wax for texture and definition.

Out of Bed Look

Fresh out of bed look for medium length hair
The allure of the new hairstyles comes from the combination of the fresh out of bed look with sophisticated cuts and simplicity in styling. Elegant sensuousness is the expression of this medium length layered and airy style.
The lightness is also supported by the ash - strawberry blonde color with platinum lightning effects. Blow dry the ends over a round brush or use a curling iron. Style with the hands and fixate with hairspray.

Natural Look with Waves

Medium long evening hairstyle with waves
Simplicity is the key to the utmost in elegance. Get ready for the evening with large waves and a natural look. Medium long hair is rolled over heated curlers or soft papillotes and once dry, ruffled through and loosened up with fingers. The partition is made by happenstance from back to front without the strictness of a clear line.


Semi-updo with the hair pulled back in a bun or a ponytail
Heavy side swept bangs open like a curtain to create this little touch of mystery that is so becoming for every woman. The irregular partition gives away the rebellious nature of this semi-updo.
The back is pulled together either in a bun, a roll or a ponytail and all of the layered hair from the ear forward falls in airy curls and generous waves. Ash blonde with golden highlights works great with light complexions.

Large Curled Hairstyle

Partial up-style with extralarge curls
As delicate as lace from Toulon, light as a soufflé and at the same time instilled with the irresistible boldness and passion of a great wine. Seductive, feisty and très chic for daytime, business and for playful hours after sunset is this large curled partial up-style.
Side swept bangs balance the extra large curls that seem to have their own life. Honey blonde with light blonde makes it all irresistible.

Young Hairstyle with Long Curls

Young hairstyle with playful curls
Feminine long hair with  big curls
This young hairstyle is always a favorite and if you don't want to go back to the pigtails, try the long, big curls that are feminine and playful at the same time. Long hair is generously layered in the lower third, the hair is rolled on large heated curlers and heat dried.
Zigzag the partition and let the hair find its own flow. Just lightly pull curls apart with fingers and fixate the style with spray. Here a light strawberry blonde brings in some sunshine and a touch of innocence.

Medium Long Haircut

Medium long springy hairstyle with blunt ends that undergo a half curl
If curls are too playful for you and you still want to ride with the new waves, then try a springy, dynamic tapered hairstyle. Great for work and play is this tapered medium long haircut with blunt ends that only undergo a half curl over the magic curling iron.
You can also use a large round blush and style with a blow-dryer. Pull apart with fingers to keep the texture. The charming color is a medium ash blonde with some honey and platinum accents.

Flowing Waves

Classic secretary hairstyle with flowing waves
A professional haircut that makes you look twice. The seemingly classic secretary hairstyle comes with a new twist. The partition is set on the very side of the head, perpendicular to the ear. This puts the mass of the hair on the upper section and makes the bangs heavy.
To lighten the weight, playful flowing waves move from right to left and create balance as well as motion and irresistible charm. Works great with all color, here a medium blonde was lightened with warm and platinum effects.

Super Straight Long Hair

Super straight long hair with a straight partition
So you thought really long hair is boring? Think again, or better look. Over the shoulder long hair was blow dried super straight. A plain and straight partition in the middle brings back a flavor of the 60s, but the thrill comes with the ends that are cut in a strong tapered and jagged manner. This simple effect together with the sheer beauty of healthy and strong hair is enough to create a true eye catcher.

Corkscrew Curls

Corkscrew curls for long hair
Very long hair with corkscrew curling
Feeling mischievous and playful? A long mane of corkscrew curls will make your day. They are easier to make than you think. Take a strand of damp hair, twist it and roll it around itself, pin tight and let dry.
You can also use the soft papillote rollers and just sleep on them while your hair takes on the spirals. Pull apart with fingers and spray for extra hold.

Glamorous Large Long Curls

Long hair with large long curls
Large long curls just scream luxury and sexy elegance. Turn into the glamorous diva that you deserve to be. For the true goddess look, roll your long hair in small sections over large curlers and heat set for best effects. Then separate the locks with your fingers and bring them into shape as you please. The partition is on the side, and the bangs are rolled to the side to fully expose the face.

Stylish Long Waves

Hair with stylish sleek long waves and curly parts towards the bottom
Stylish and wavy long hair
A milder version of the glamorous long curls hairstyle with less opulent curls, but with a high dose of casual elegance. Sleek, stylish, long waves with curly parts towards the bottom of the hair. Roll damp hair over large curlers, blow dry then pull apart with hands to shape the luscious waves and turn on the inspiration.

Sporty Elegant Look

Long sporty hairstyle with the hair away from the face
Simple elegant style for long hair
Windswept and sporty. Romantic and feminine without the sugar coating. Bring out the inner lioness with a full mane of wild and free long hair. Even though it looks so simple, this exciting and elegant hairstyle requires some prep work.
Use large rollers for thin sections of hair, comb with a wide toothed comb after drying and bring into shape with hands and a small nugget of wax for extra texture. Style away from the face in a generous motion.
Hairstyles: COIFF1RST - Paris
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