Gary Gill @ Monroe Hairdressing

British Hairdressing Awards Finalist - Southern Region

Smooth bobs
Gary Gill showcases glassy smooth hairstyles that are cut in various styles of diverse bobs with asymmetrical edges, waves, or textured locks of hair.
Espresso, vanilla, gold, and mahogany are just a few of the hair colors that enhance the presentation of these professional haircuts.

Angled Bangs

Short chestnut color hair with angled bangs
A rich, warm saddle chestnut color exudes professionalism, with the exciting appeal of an asymmetrical touch to the blunt angle of the bangs. Every strand of hair from the crown is meticulously crafted toward the face, creating seamless perfection.

Smooth Bangs

Medium hairstyle with smooth bangs
Heavy, eggplant-colored bangs cascade smoothly in the front, with a lone section of hair crossing over the original bangs and reaching halfway over the ear. The remaining hair gracefully falls onto the shoulders. Finish with a spritz for added gloss.

Polished Bob

Sleek and polished bob haircut
Gary Gill crafts a bob that starts at the crown and elegantly sweeps toward the face, expertly framed to accentuate the model's eyes. Sleek, polished, and precisely structured at the nape, this style is perfect for the discerning woman.

Full Blunt Bangs

Below the shoulders hairstyle with full blunt bangs
Light brown hair complements full blunt bangs that are softened by longer strands falling in graceful waves and casual coils, dipping just below the model's shoulders. Using a medium curling iron can help achieve this hairstyle.

Blunt Fringe

Medium long red hair with slices of black and a blunt fringe
Slices of smoky black hair blend with a persimmon-type red in blunt bangs that continue to frame the sides of the temple while covering the brows. Delicate wisps of hair are smoothed along the sides. Spritz for gloss and sheen.


Semi bob hairstyle with a chunky back
An incomparable hairstyle is achieved with a simple clip of the scissors, creating an angle that begins at the far corner of the model's temple area. The hair is then styled to fall down and over to the side, allowing for plenty of bulk in the cut.
The hair is fashioned into a semi-bob with very short angled bangs. Spritz with gloss to achieve the soft, silky appearance seen in the photo.


Short asymmetrical hairstyle with an exposed ear lobe
This short hairstyle is akin to a close-fitting cap, tilted to the side of the head and designed into an asymmetrical pattern, with one side covering all but the earlobe.
The hair on the other side is tucked behind the ear, revealing high sideburns. Comb from the crown and into place with a gentle touch of the brush.

Shiny Bob Cut

Shiny short just under the cheek bones bob haircut
A meticulous short bob cut is depicted with a glossy finish, reminiscent of a tiger's eye. It starts at the crown and is combed towards the face, framing the sides just under the model's high cheekbones. Spritz for added sheen.
Hair: Gary Gill @ Monroe Hairdressing
Makeup: Phylis Cohen @ Terri Manduca
Photography: Paul Hopkins
Products: Wella
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