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Victoria Nebbett @ Monroe Hairdressing

  • crimped hairstyle
  • choppy haircut
  • clipped hair and a braid
  • hairstyle with batman bangs
  • renaissance hat shape hairstyle
  • hair wih spirals
  • platinum short hair
  • choppy layers
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The thrill of swift moving lines becomes apparent in Victoria Nebbett's craft that evolve into chunky clips, spiky bangs and crowns. From bold racy tapers cut close to the head to long kinks that bounce around the head or flitter about in the air, are all here.
Plunges of hair that sweep over the face in flashes of light and dark colors splash across your screen and the whirl of hair piled into an exuberant mod cone, demands the study of our attention.
Hair: Victoria Nebbett @ Monroe Hairdressing, Leatherhead
Make-up: Irena Rogers
Clothes Styling: Harris Elliott
Photography: Daniel O'Connell
Art Direction & Production: Gary Gill
Products: Wella Professionals