St. Tropez by Royston Blythe

High-volume hairstyles
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SStylist Sophie Beattie from the Royston Blythe salon in Wolverhampton presents this collection of exotic hairstyles titled 'St. Tropez.' The looks share a common theme of texture and softness, showcasing high volume and high impact.
The hair colors are natural and deeply dimensional, while the waves and textures exude organic energy.

Long Layered Haircut

Long layered haircut with highlights and styled with ruffing
This long layered haircut features deep texture with razor-cut ends, providing softness and a choppy, high-impact arrangement. The rich brown color is accented with soft beige highlights. Styling is achieved through a diffused blow-dry technique using a brush and a soft-hold styling product.
Gentle back-combing at the scalp and light teasing with a bristled brush can add volume where desired and provide a balanced silhouette.

Shoulder-Length Bob Cut

Shoulder-length bob cut with styling achieved using a blowout technique and mussing
This shoulder-length bob cut features box layering along the lower third of the hair and a long, deeply textured fringe. The hair is parted along the right side with a slightly obscured parting, styled to maximize fullness.
Styling is achieved using a blowout technique with a flat brush to emphasize smoothness and impart a subtle curvature. A round brush can be used to add outward bend to the lower layers, while light 'mussing' breaks up any overly fixed style, providing a more edgy, tousled look.

Long Hair and Curls

Super-long auburn hair with strong curls
Super-long hair with numerous layers characterizes this style, ideally suited for naturally curly hair types. The color is a deep, warm-toned cherry-auburn that reflects and refracts light exceptionally well.
Styling this look involves a diffused blow-dry method, lifting the hair at the scalp for added volume. A strong-hold styling gel or structuring paste is used to give the curls strength and structure. Finally, a pick can be used to tease up some areas of curl as desired, creating a balanced silhouette.

Long Sweeping Waves

Super-long hair with layers around the face and sweeping waves
A look featuring a super-long haircut with deeply falling layers around the face. The fringe area is long and deeply textured to create a light veil across the upper half of the face. The hair is styled into long sweeping waves. Even without real curls, the hair is still high-volume and loaded with body.
To create the look, use a blow dryer with a large round brush and a medium-hold styling product. Lift the hair at the scalp while drying and use the brush to create the long curves in the hair. A light application of hairspray will help minimize any frizz and tamp down any flyaway hair.

Bob with an Outward Flick

Textured bob cut with an outward flick at the ends
This bob cut features lots of interior box layering and a wide fringe that blends into the side layers. The entire head is textured with a razor tool to create a near-microfine finish that resembles fine fur more than feathering. The creamy blonde color provides the perfect canvas for the lines and textures of the style.
To create this look, use a blow dryer and flat brush with a texturing paste and smoothing serum. Blow the hair predominantly forward, finishing with an outward flick of the ends. Then, use a dab of pomade on the fingertips to define the strands and create the edgy, bristled effect.

Contoured Bob

Contoured bob cut styled with scalp-lift for volume
A contoured bob, cut using a razor tool, forms the basis of this style. The color is a neutral-toned dark blonde with a myriad of soft, golden highlights. The fringe is nose-length at its shortest point and tapers to blend into the sides of the cut.
The styling consists of a blow-dry technique with scalp-lift for volume using a large round brush, styling product, and texturing paste. The hair is directed with an obscured parting in the crown area and spiraled around the head in a clockwise turn. Use the fingers to fluff and muss as desired, and an extra dab of pomade will help create the definition in the finished style.
Hair: Sophie Beattie at Royston Blythe, Wolverhampton
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Makeup: Justine Collins
Photography: Richard Miles
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