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Not too neat and casual fashion hairstyles
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Anything - but please not: too neat, too accurate, too correct. The hair is supposed to radiate vivaciously and suggest movement. A good foundation for this is special undercuts that provide volume and alternating length, which are responsible for exciting textures and structural effects.
Highlights placed with style and soft transitions of color increase the appeal of the artfully composed result, which appears so effortless: Hair that seems to be styled by the sun, wind and the sea. With their collection, the fashion team of the Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks demonstrates the professional expertise of their female and male hairdressers. The outcome is refreshingly smart looks that are unconventional in a charming way.

Short & Red

Short haircut with blunt cutting lines for red hair
A red of breathtaking luminosity! The Tizian red hair color lives up to its full potential with this short cut. The contrast of short contours and long, compact top hair, together with the hues lightening up in the increasing length, creates a titillating play of shape and color. It is the contrast of short and long, within a blunt cutting line that makes this texture so exciting. The geometrical architecture of the cut appears soft natural even with all of its clarity.
Styling Variation: the fringe and the top hair are deconstructed and tousled or gently teased. Thanks to the masterful coloring, which transitions from a brown hue at the base to a radiant copper red in the lengths, the overall image is glamorous.

Short & Red (2)

Short flamboyant red haircut with lifted top hair
The neat sophistication of the original version of this short haircut has made room for a flamboyant version of itself. Gone are the well calculated and executed angles and straight sections and it is time to celebrate texture and color. The top hair was lifted up by gently teasing it with a comb, tousling and scrunching it with the fingers.
The sides are snug and styled to the back. A true dance of curvy strands will get everyone in the mood to celebrate. This styling has even more impact with the refined transition of color from a deep, warm brown around the roots, to a sizzling, breathtaking red in the lengths.

Summer Style

Fresh short hairstyle for summer
Nature's child or a cool look on the scene? There is no or! All is possible. This new, fresh summer haircut offers many styling options. The prerequisite, of course, is a professional short cut and very healthy hair. The art is in dividing triangles from the back, the sides and at the temples, which are then subtly undercut.
Longer top hair interrupts the line and makes this a modern variation of the legendary mushroom cut. Just the right thing for all those, who do not want to go without a fringe. The play of hair color with its cognac hue at the base and a soft Sahara blonde in the tips is simply irresistible. Highlights are placed for full effect and create exciting contrasts in the over-lengths.

Summer Style (2)

Trendy short hair cut with varying lengths
With a great short haircut there is no limit to variations of styling. This very fresh and trendy summer look features a lot of textured strands that break up the silhouette for a soft and yet edgy contour.
The hair, which was cut into varying lengths on the sides and in the back, all supported by a slight undercut, is now styled towards the front with emphasis on creating volume, flow and a lively pattern. The fringe kept part of its neatness and is draped across the forehead in a sleek diagonal line with one stray strand for a more casual effect.

Beautiful without End

Medium long blonde hair with tapering along the sides
The return of the seventies brings with it this summer cut for medium long hair. Unmistakable feature: ultrafeminine chic. The inside of the hair is just a tad shorter to increase volume. A freehand graduation creates feathery accents in the otherwise rather compact cut. The tapering along the side remains soft and airy. New matte tones of blonde are powdery and pleasantly warm, they quote the palettes of prairies, deserts and savannas. They are perfectly complemented by a light and lively texture that seems to be made especially for the summer.
Styling Variation: Just like whisked away - with gentle teasing the fringe is taken away of the face and creates a skilled break to the narrow side sections.

Beautiful without End (2)

Medium length blonde hair styled to the back
The fringe-heavy base cut takes on a whole new character with a little bit of stylish treatment. Smooth and attractive with a fine transition from volume to form-fitting ends the retro look evolves to a picture of elegance. The front and top hair was gently teased to the back and fixated with a mist of good, heavy hold hairspray.
Since the teasing occurs mostly at the base, a nice lift of the hair results which gives this style its seductive volume. There is a seamless transition to the long and straight sides which fold themselves snugly around her neck. The hair color has its very own power and bathes the hairstyle in a radiant caramel - brandy tone at the inside and roots and then a warm, sandy blonde in the lengths.

Seductive Liaison

Long romantic red hair with layers and curls
Radiant red & attractive waves. To create this romantic look, soft layers are cut into the long hair and they bring with them movement and vivacious energy. Large curlers provide the ultimate wow effect.
A true piece of art emerges with this extravagant styling: the previously curled top hair is pinned to a trapeze shape in the back, while the entire back hair flows into a herringbone braid. Short and long, curled and braided, voluminous and concentrated: this look includes all attributes of styling and is even more expressive in a deep coppery red. For a memorable appearance!

Seductive Liaison (2)

Herringbone braid for long red hair
This beautiful lady is ready to party. In style of course. Her long, wavy hair was curled to lofty perfection and parted off in the back to create a long herringbone braid, which is leisurely draped over one of her shoulders.
The curly delight was shaped to a trapeze form, giving her a very extravagant appearance that is made to be seen. Of course the star of it all is the deep and intense copper red hair, which looks very natural with a brown base and a few sunset golden highlights.

Modern Dandy

Spiked hair for young men
Young and refreshingly unconventional: the spiked look for men, the big trend of the eighties, still convinces today with its casual, modern appeal. Thanks to a skilled criss-cross styling. This hairstyle captivates with its soft silhouette. Clean contours, that may be a bit longer, as well as a vivacious texture contribute to this.
For this new interpretation of the poky look the tips are defined and can then be styled to the side above the forehead. The rest of the hair can go in all directions. Thus emerges a masculine noblesse without any softie appeal. The full hair on his crown is ideal for many styling variations. There is just one rule: not too accurate!

Modern Dandy (2)

Short haircut for men with top hair that stands up
Long live the rebels of this world! A different character of this short men's cut reveals itself with every direction the spiky strands are styled to. This retro inspired version is all suave with its slicked-back sides and the soft peaks on top.
Beginning with the fringe, the top hair stands up proudly and displays a soft edge, without losing any of its intensity and masculinity. Tousling with the fingers and a good product give the style its texture and hold. The warm brown hair color matches his eyes perfectly.

Chaos Chic

Blonde male haircut with alternating lengths
This new men's cut is a true wonder cut. Asymmetry, crass differences of length and several tones of blonde create an extremely young and therefore "edgy" appearance. For this one side is kept shorter. The crown retains fullness, but also features intense steps through chunky cut, alternating lengths.
The blonde coloring accents the strong textural effects. Chaos with a method: a bit of a tousled look must be allowed, as long as it is as stylish as seen here. Individual strands are crinkled for exciting contrasts, and they bring surprising accents. Recommended to copy!

Chaos Chic (2)

Choppy male haircut for short blonde hair
The choppy texture of the alternating short and long strands comes out even better when the hair is styled for action and with a lot of lift and movement. Asymmetry is always a welcome touch for modern, young and edgy haircuts. Here it is achieved with a gradually lengthening from right to left, all heavily textured.
Ultra smooth and short sides keep the contour neat. To get the hair this tousled a bit of gel does the trick. Some of the hair is pulled along the side of his temple and the few crinkled sections add even more style and fun to this male look.

New & Wavy

Male haircut for longer hair
Longer hair for men? Why not, if the style is as handsome as this one. The start is a graduating of the entire hair, during which the top hair remains a bit longer and more compact. The indicated wave structure causes movement and lightness fitting to a summer style. It gives this haircut that special little something, that cannot be put into words.
The rebirth of the New Wave Look sets its bets on soft shapes and warm shades of colors. Yet at the same time it remains distinctly masculine. This new men's cut has a whole other facette in store - with the fringe casually styled towards the back, including a small rise in front, it radiates a rebellious feel and transforms into a modern James Dean look.

New & Wavy (2)

Short haircut for men blown out for volume
The built-in waves of this layered short haircut for men come in handy to create volume for this variation of the "New Wave" creation. Blown out more and styled to the back the roots have good lift and the clean contour is fully visible.
Very noteworthy is the dynamic shape of the sexy sideburns! The fringe is slightly scrunched to avoid being too neat and sleek and lifts up for a modern styled quiff with a nod to vintage looks and big screen heroes.
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