Debut by Andrea Beers

Fashionable hairstyles
New beginnings are yours, with a wide variety of fashionable hairstyles that become infectious through a boundless energy of lengths, effervescent clips and curls that dazzle the imagination and more serious smoother lines that will enrapture your heart with the majestic flow of incredible hair colors.

Bed Head Curls

Long light brown hair with bed head curls
Light brown hair never looked so good with vibrant actions of red and blonde slips that decorate the coils and flippy whips of curls for clarification. The jaunty layers of hair bounce to a carefree song with these bed head curls.

Razored Ends

Long hairstyle with razored ends and above the irises bangs
Distinctive light and shadowed tones of color have carefully been positioned throughout the long hair of the model. There are razored ends bordering in an angle around the face and a hefty bulk for bangs that sit just above the irises in her eyes that exhibit a most remarkable countenance.

Fishnet Braid

Large fishnet braid placed over the shoulder
The attraction of a large fishnet braid becomes a work of art as it is placed over the shoulder. Brown and darker blonde hues are intertwined throughout the braid and the loose hair. Heavy bangs are slanted over to cover the temple while connecting to the wind-brushed hair on the sides.

Long Bob

Long bob with inverted sides and covered brows
The redheaded model is, so "totally fab" as she strides down the catwalk turning all eyes upon herself. Her hair is a blaze of color with shocking reds, beige blonde and subtle brown that demand our attention! Cut in a long stunning bob, with the inverted sides and covered brows making headlines!

Halo of Kinks and Crimps

Strawberry blonde hair styled with crimping and backcombing
A tatted mass of layered hair is filled with a halo of vibrant kinks and crimps that are offered in shades of an electric strawberry blonde. Generous amounts of backcombing and spritzes of spray help with this most original hairstyle.

Bob with Inverted Sides

Bob with inverted sides and a slight undercut
The flawless cherry wood color of a smooth asymmetrical line is quite obvious with the inverted side that is designed closely into the head, with a slight undercut and then, plunging down to tip the model's shoulders. The top is divided, taking half of the face, while the other side suspends a little bit higher.

Short White Satin Hair

White hair clipped short and styled behind the ear
The unmatched power of sheer white satin hair comes across with strong feminine lines that are clipped and structured into a substantial top that blankets over one of the eyes and connects with the influence on the side. The other side is styled behind the ear, while extending gravity to the hair above.
Hair: Andrea Beers at Andrea Beers, Kidderminster
Make-up: Justine Collins at Pinkgloss
Styling: Justine Collins at Pinkgloss
Photography: Richard Miles
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