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Bennie Pollard and Team BennieFactor

They will be noticed. They will turn heads and they will inspire. They are artful and unforgettable. Most of all, they are red.
With Redtropolis, a new collection of ravishing hairstyles, Bennie Pollard and his BennieFactor Team spoil us with an array of intense looks that seem to explode in their crescendo of color and style.
Red hair, with its power, its burning desire and zest for life has inspired and seduced for millennia and still does today. It seems as if this color, so heavy with symbolism, touches the very core of our being and leaves no one indifferent. There is no middle way for red. It is always extreme, yet pure. It is direct and does not make any compromises.
To combine this hair color experience with hairstyles that bring together the influences of several decades, taking the very best elements and bringing them to new heights, was a masterful step for Bennie Pollard with which he proved again that he is a true visionary and artist.
  • high hair fashion
  • hairdo with a curly quiff
  • look with small curls
  • tapered cut for long hair
  • very short hairstyle
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The Redtropolis looks are flaming cocktails of retro ideas mixed with shots of sci-fi, served with a blazing flame. They are made for the worldly and adventurous, self confident women of today who dare to express themselves, but would never compromise their high standards.
Bennie Pollard's 25 years of experience, his artistic and highly professional approach are visible in every single haircut. He has always been inspired by high fashion and spent several formative years in Miami during the mid 80s. After returning to his native Kentucky, filled with new skills and inspiration, Bennie began building his empire.
Positive affirmations rule his work and his private life. Bennie believes that wishes and thoughts can in fact materialize and he uses the power of positive thinking to expand his own personal world and his business.
Beside winning numerous awards and being named one of the top 20 salons in the US, Bennie Pollard expanded his vision with a line of cleansing, nourishing and styling products that were composed with the creative hair artist in mind. The products that include, for example, a "b more" building spray, the "b ready" lasting spray, "b creative" pomade and "b excellent" finishing spray with shine are high quality tools that can be mixed and matched.
Hair: Bennie Pollard and Team BennieFactor
Make-up: Lesa Miller
Photography: Edward Brown
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