The "111 Collection Part 1"

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London, Paris, Milan, New York - each season has its own fashion week set in a fabulous city around the world. These fashion weeks bring out some of the best hairdressers in the world to create new trends in the realm of hair.
Every fashion designer understands that to create a complete look, the hairstyle is extremely important. This is why they choose only the best stylists to help create their new look for the season.
This collection, 'The 111 Collection Part 1,' is a celebration of 111 years since Hans Schwarzkopf ran a drugstore in Berlin. The collection was shot in the wondrous and historical city of Berlin and consists of four unique fashion moods.

80s Dance

Youthful hairstyles and fashion of the 80s
Youthful fashion hairstyle
The 1980s were a time of youthful passion, and the hairstyles and fashion represented this. Hair from the eighties was big with lots of attitude. The fashion side of these hairstyles incorporates colors such as black with neon, greens, grays, whites, and even geranium.


Hair inspired by the sixties and seventies
Precision cut hair shape
The 'Glamazon' hairstyle is truly sensual. With long, precision-shaped cuts and highly sophisticated styling, this style is truly glamorous. The look was inspired by the styles of the sixties and seventies, when women were setting themselves free and showing off their beauty.
The colors of these hairstyles are a wondrous blend of browns, blacks, and reds blended together to give the hair ultimate shine and beauty.

Sunday Best

Shiny hair with a combination of colors
Long hair with a shiny finish
This look is formal and luxurious. The combination of colors gives the hairstyle a rich and shiny finish. The cuts are mismatched but give off a formal feel.
The style screams confidence and is for those women who are truly eccentric.

Rounded Form

Short hairstyle with a rounded silhouette
Hair with vibrant colors
Structure and shape are explored in this rounded hairstyle. Jutting angles come off a rounded front to create an architectural design.
The hair colors of this trend are rich and vibrant. The look is futuristic and compelling. It is complemented by smoky grays, whites, and blacks.
Photos: Schwarzkopf
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