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Guys & Dolls Hairforce

Spring 2009 Hairstyles

  • parte bob haircut
  • a-line bob hairdo
  • pixie-cut
  • pixie hairstyle
  • hair that caresses the neck
  • hairstyle with a satiny glow
  • hairdo with bouncy curls
  • hairstyle with soft long curls
  • hairstyles
  • Short and medium length hairstyles
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The signature looks for spring are all about "feel". The creative minds of Guys & Dolls Hairforce give us a collection of varied looks that all bring a specific feel to mind.
Whether it's smooth and silky, or soft and sensual, these hairstyles evoke both emotional states and provide tactile sensations that make the world sit-up and take notice.
Hairstyles: Guys and Dolls Hairforce - Denmark
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