Hyper Classic

Bennie Pollard and Team BennieFactor

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A collection of timeless hairstyles with a creative new edge brought Bennie Pollard the first place in the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) in the Contemporary Classic category.
The five creative, unique and wearable styles convinced with their traditional beauty that was lifted to new artistic heights by the skilled hands and the visionary ideas of the BennieFactor team.
It was Bennie's second great NAHA success after six nominations and winning the competition 4 years earlier with a collection for the Avantgarde category.
The Hyper Classic timeless hairstyles come in straight, curly, short, medium long and asymmetrical shapes glistening in a selection of exquisite colors in enhanced natural hues.
According to the BennieFactor motto "simple is best" there is no complicated and confusing fuss with the hair color. The hair shows a solid color, but with well placed color effects and contrasts.
Cut and color are well planned and constructed with high precision and artistic skill.
Made for modern women who are rooted in tradition but don't want to hide their adventurous and creative side and who celebrate life and fashion.

Short Crop

Classic short crop with rough choppy layers
A classic short crop went off center and gained windswept motion under the talented hands of the BennieFactor team.
Rough, choppy layers with lightly textured ends and longer strands doing their magic in front, were arranged with the center of the swirling motion high on the side. From there the hair runs forward in a strong but controlled explosion. It flows across the crown to the opposite side ends right below the ears.
The color is rich and warm amber with a subtle splash of honey in the fringe. This winning short haircut is a creative approach mixing a traditional idea with new cutting techniques and the forces of nature.

Hair in Front of the Ear

Layered short pixie haircut with hair in front of each ear
Modern, seductive sprites like short crops. So did the NAHA jury who made this pixie cut variation a winner. Mixed structures and surprising effects that come from a creative play with different lengths put the magic factor into this style.
The short hair was layered around the head, with a long section in front of each ear. The bangs feature a shorter middle that is surrounded by longer fringes. The ends are textured, and the supreme styling brings out some curls on the crown, small waves in the jagged bangs and make the long tendrils on the sides look like little wings.
This enchanting haircut is bathed in a soft but intense burgundy color, radiating warmth and mischievous playfulness.

Curls Reminiscent of Springs

Hairstyle with corkscrew curls
Who is not taken by this futuristic take on the classic big curl look? BennieFactor's winning hairstyle features huge corkscrew curls reminiscent of springs in delicate clockwork connecting the past to the future.
The main volume sits above eye level with totally defined, broad curls appearing to be in perpetual motion. Long tendrils spiral their way down the sides and gently touch the shoulders.
The deep ebony hair color is complimented by a bold color statement of four thick red strands. One on each side and two in front accompany the eye along the gentle curve of the the curls that find their center right between the eyes.

Sophisticated Short Hair

Short hairstyle with spiral curls
A touch of old Hollywood is undeniable in this asymmetrical creation. The curly glamour comes with the lightness of a springtime morning in Paris, all radiating in the color of a tropical sunset. Elegant, playful and gravity defying, this hairstyle contains the best of all worlds, not for the undecided, but the confident and determined.
The base cut is a short bob with a side part. The stronger side gets a dynamic twist with the thick, well defined spirals that point to heaven. The smaller side however coils up in a more humble way and forms a lofty, line with the heavier left side.
The bangs are short and simple with their straight, textured fringe, all part of the one sweeping motion that shapes the silhouette of this very sophisticated look.

Short Hair Look

Short haircut with feathery layers
Unexpected combinations of color and texture took this short haircut into the winning realm. The mélange of sunflower, vanilla and raspberry latte colors looks tempting, enchanting and comes with the guarantee to turn heads.
These delightful pastels are cut to short, feathery layers and are artfully styled in different directions, overlapping and complimenting each other.
The light and luminous make-up enhances the transparent appeal of this soft yet rebellious look.
Hair: Bennie Pollard and Team BennieFactor
Make-up: Lesa Miller
Photography: Edward Brown
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