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Hyper Classic

Bennie Pollard and Team BennieFactor

A collection of timeless hairstyles with a creative new edge brought Bennie Pollard the first place in the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) in the Contemporary Classic category.
The five creative, unique and wearable styles convinced with their traditional beauty that was lifted to new artistic heights by the skilled hands and the visionary ideas of the BennieFactor team.
  • short choppy haircut
  • jagged bangs for short hair
  • hairstyle with corkscrew curls
  • sophisticated short hairdo
  • short feathery hairstyle
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It was Bennie's second great NAHA success after six nominations and winning the competition 4 years earlier with a collection for the Avantgarde category.
The Hyper Classic timeless hairstyles come in straight, curly, short, medium long and asymmetrical shapes glistening in a selection of exquisite colors in enhanced natural hues.
According to the BennieFactor motto "simple is best" there is no complicated and confusing fuss with the color. The hair shows a solid color, but with well placed color effects and contrasts.
Cut and color are well planned and constructed with high precision and artistic skill.
Made for modern women who are rooted in tradition but don't want to hide their adventurous and creative side and who celebrate life and fashion.
Hair: Bennie Pollard and Team BennieFactor
Make-up: Lesa Miller
Photography: Edward Brown
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