Bronze Beauties by Gillis Rowland Hair

Hair for bronzed women
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There's a warmth and a glow that come as a result of sun-kissed skin and the team from Gillis Rowland Hair brings us "Bronze Beauties", which explores the exotic and richly glamorous looks that compliment the bronzed complexion.
Coffee-browns, onyx-black and pale-cream blondes are all flattering enhancements for bronze skin tones, and these hair styles use a variety of waves and textures to create a look for nearly every woman.

Large Swirling Spirals

Medium long layered hair curled into spirals
Long-layering techniques create a balanced style in this hairstyle, featuring high-volume curls. The coffee-hued hair is curled into large, swirling spirals, achieved with a wet set using medium-sized rollers. Once dry, the curls can be combed out using a large-tooth comb.

Cascade of Curls

Long hairstyle with a cascade of curls that spill over the shoulders
Rich, glossy black locks are curled into a fall of volume and shine, as the long-layered cut is styled into a full-volume look. The best means of achieving this is to wrap the hair in a wet set using large-sized rollers to maximize the lift at the scalp and create a cascade of curls to spill over the shoulders.
Once the curls are set, use a wide-tooth comb and your fingers to loosen the curls and balance the volume. Afterward, a light misting of hairspray will create a gentle hold to help the style last.

Partial Up-style

Partial up-style with the hair gathered and braided along the sides
This partial up-style is crafted from medium-blonde locks that are interspersed with golden highlights. With a parting on the right side, the hair is gathered and braided along the sides to gather at the oblique rear left into a spray of streaming spirals of golden blonde strands.
Use hairspray and gentle patting motions to control stray hairs, then lightly mist hairspray and scrunch to add definition to the spray of curls at the base of the style.

Long Layered Hairstyle

Long layered hairstyle with a fringe that blends into the side
Rich, chocolate brown hair is razor cut into a long, layered style with a long fringe that blends smoothly into the side layers. The hair is blow-dried into large, soft curves and curled using a curling iron to create targeted volume in specific areas. The finished look can be misted with hairspray for a soft hold.

Moderately Short Hairstyle

Moderately short hairstyle with uniform layering and curls
In the lighter spectrum of colors, we find buttery-blonde hair accented with pale-milk highlights. The style is a circular cut with uniform layering in a moderately short length. The haircut is styled into a high-volume halo with sharply defined curls. The large looping coils of hair are divided into thin tendrils that reflect the light beautifully.
The curls are best crafted by using a wet roller set. Once the curls are set, carefully divide them and backcomb to add fullness and create a soft silhouette. Apply a dab of smoothing serum, rake it through the hair with your fingers, then mist with hairspray and gently scrunch to create definition.

Long Blunt Cut Hair

Long blunt cut hair with a curving fringe that follows the line of the eyes
Silky, smooth strands lie in a sleek veil. The hair is blunt cut in a long style with a gently curving fringe that follows closely along the line of the eyes. The sides feature soft layers along the front edge of the hair.
The cut is styled for maximum straightness and minimal volume with blow-dry straightening using a smoothing serum, followed by a flat iron to create perfectly sleek tresses. An extra dab of smoothing serum spread along the fingers can be used to smooth away any flyaway strands and add a glossy finish to the hair.
Hair: Gillis Rowland Artistic Team
Styling: Gillis Rowland Artistic Team
Makeup: Hayley Britton
Photography: Richard Miles
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