Carpy Coiffeur

Haircuts Autumn-Winter 10-11

Modern French hairstyles
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The human touch that tames forces and shapes of nature created this stunning collection of hairstyles that will take you through the cold and festive season on a cloud of pixie dust and style.
The heavenly muse of hair has once again kissed the artistic minds at Carpy Coiffeur to present us with very modern, very French and very irresistible haircuts that feature volume, texture and a lot of movement as their main characteristics.
Shapes are uninhibited and as natural as the colors, which are taken from the frosty palette of the season. Platinum and a warmer blonde are joined by coal black. Lengths range from short hairstyles to over the shoulder length and fringes are mostly kept out of the face. Volume is key as is sensual, playful disarray.

Versatile Pixie Cut with Longer Top Hair

Blonde versatile pixie cut with long top hair
The texture and the expression are very pixie cut, however the hair is much longer than in the classic pixie cut. While the back is graduated and short, the top hair increases in length gradually to enable the luscious long fringe to extend all the way below her cheekbones.
The styling of this elegant and punky version is diagonal, bringing out the icicle texture in many little disheveled strands.

Short Hair Styled Upward

Festive short blonde hair styled upward
For a festive appearance the short hair was styled upward, with a lot of movement and fume-like whirls throughout. This refreshingly eccentric hairstyle showcases the finely tuned increase in length from the short sides to the long hair on the crown. Volume is key and the platinum blonde is perfect for an iconic look.

Side View of a Short Gaduated Haircut

Side view of short haircut with graduation
The side view of this short haircut reveals very clearly how much finesse went into the cut which is so smoothly graduated from the bottom to the top on all sides that a balanced and sophisticated silhouette is possible, even with the wildest and spiky styling. Curves and fine points interspersed with some radical motion against the grain make up a look full of character and sizzling charisma.

Unkempt Look for Long Blonde Hair

Casual styling for long blonde hair
Long blonde hair is beautiful no matter if styled to the max or left alone to find his own flow and tune. Here the slightly unkempt look is highly desired and deliberate. Parted just a bit off center and never in a straight line, the hair casually drops to below the shoulders and displays its sensual mood in a few large waves along the edges.
The winter-blonde looks especially natural and warm with slightly darker tones giving a deeper glow and dimension to the inner sections.

Upstyle with Pinned Up Hair

Upstyle with pinned up hair
Holidays and up styles go together like hot spiced wine and candy apples. The simplicity of this upstyle equals elegance and even though we cannot see the backside, we can safely assume that the hair was gathered and pinned up with casual finesse.
The front features the hair loosely draped along the sides, shaping a generous curve and a lot of gently disheveled texture.

Updo with Piled Up Hair

Updo with the hair piled up high on the crown
A touch of gold and cinnamon gives this blonde updo a special glow. Warm wintery blond hair is piled up high on the crown in a flurry of lightweight, big and partially deconstructed curls.
The partition, this time farther on the sides, lets the bangs slide across the forehead in a fairly straight line, all accompanied with a lot of loose hair, casually and weightlessly floating along and adding a spun sugar attraction to this glamorous look.

Party Look Hairstyle with a Bow

Curly hairdo with a bow
A big, black sequined bow is the coquettishly positioned eye catcher of this opulent and glamorous hairstyle that will be the star of any party. Celebrate in style and let the volume flow. Large curls, teased, mussed and brought to a beautiful disarray are parted on the side for a diagonal tease. The outer layer is as fine as cotton candy while the density increases towards the face.

Well-groomed Male

Short crop for a neat male style
His short crop strays from the classic men's haircut with its intense texture and a play with different and unexpected lengths. All is balanced but full of dynamic motion and therefore high energy.
Styled to show off all of its key elements the look is at the same time neat and well-groomed but shows its wild side too.

Presentable Look for Men

Male hair styled with gel for a presentable look
With a little pomade or gel even the wildest boys clean up quickly and turn into highly presentable men. Ready for the holidays he presents his soft and hairless features framed by a classic coal-colored short haircut with stylishly narrow sideburns.
The wild motion in the previous version is here all tamed with a shiny coat of product that keeps it low in profile, but high in style.
Hairstyles: Carpy Coiffeur
Photo: ©Filippe Darocha
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