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Haircuts Autumn-Winter 2010-2011

Carpy Coiffeur

The human touch that tames forces and shapes of nature created this stunning collection of hairstyles that will take you through the cold and festive season on a cloud of pixie dust and style. The heavenly muse of hair has once again kissed the artistic minds at Carpy Coiffeur to present us with very modern, very French and very irresistible haircuts that feature volume, texture and a lot of movement as their main characteristics.
  • versatile pixie
  • short hair styled upward
  • sideview of short haircut
  • long blonde hair
  • upstyle with pinned up hair
  • hair piled up high on the crown
  • hairdo with a bow
  • neat male style
  • presentable look
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Shapes are uninhibited and as natural as the colors, which are taken from the frosty palette of the season. Platinum and a warmer blonde are joined by coal black. Lengths range from short hairstyles to over the shoulder length and fringes are mostly kept out of the face. Volume is key as is sensual, playful disarray.
Hairstyles: Carpy Coiffeur
Photo: ©Filippe Darocha
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