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Top Model Coiffure

Hairstyles Spring-Summer 14

  • satiny long hair
  • collar bone length hairstyle
  • upstyle with open tassels
  • short vintage hair with curls
  • short contemporary hairstyle
  • silky short bob
  • sweet short hairstyle
  • hedgehog hairstyle
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If you ever wanted to look and feel like a top model, it is about time to take the next step. Top Model Coiffure delights us once again with a more than fabulous collection of customizable hairstyles for the summer and beyond. Glorious glamour and finesse await you!
Sexy short curls, luscious long hair and short styles full of esprit are looking for new heads to be created on. Bright and light filled hair colors join exquisite cuts and dramatic styling, some which are hinting at famous supermodels.
video Hairstyles: Top Model Coiffure
Photography: ©Laurence Laborie