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James Parrucchieri Hairstyles

  • long layered hairstyle
  • bouncy long hair
  • textured short haircut
  • hair styled with the sides close to the scalp
  • trendy hairstyle with a round shape
  • graduated short haircut
  • fashionable updo
  • upstyle created with a scarf
  • male hairstyle with a lifted fringe
  • 50s look for men
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Versatility is still a strong buzz word when it comes to trends in hairstyling. And why not? The option to take one haircut and create a lot of different flavors of stylings out of it is just too tempting. So release the creativeness inside and go for more options.
With his aptly named collection of hairstyles, "Intense", James Parrucchierri shares his inspiration and gives us ideas to get a choppy and layered makeover that has an edge. His long, medium and short hairstyles all express a sexy and wild side, can you hear them roar?
Layers and texture are the key players, but the hair colors are not to be underestimated either. Enjoy spicy blondes, warm brown and red and there is also a tempting silver with a lavender kiss in the mix.
Hairstyles: James Parrucchieri
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