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Sexy Nature by Framesi

Welcome to the Cabaret! Framesi invites you to express your edgy and seductive side. Sexy hair as defined by this crazy creative team might not be what first comes to mind when one ruminates about seductive tresses, but Framesi is helping us to think outside of the box.
  • short haircut with a graduated neck
  • long hairstyle with red curls
  • platinum blonde short ahir
  • sexy male hairstyle
  • buzzed neck
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With the exception of one wickedly curly look the hairstyles for men and women are short, have smooth textures and distinct, organic lines. Colors are much tamer than the cuts and the stylings, yet they do not lack in intensity with their earthy and celestial tones. Be frivolous, celebrate nature and the burlesque. It is all about the art of living. And no matter what you do - never forget to bring a feather boa!
video Hair: Framesi
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