Sexy Nature by Framesi

Sexy hairstyles for men and women
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Welcome to the cabaret! Framesi invites you to express your edgy and seductive side. Sexy hair as defined by this crazy creative team might not be what first comes to mind when one ruminates about seductive tresses, but Framesi is helping us to think outside of the box.
With the exception of one wickedly curly look the hairstyles for men and women are short, have smooth textures and distinct, organic lines. Hair colors are much tamer than the cuts and the stylings, yet they do not lack in intensity with their earthy and celestial tones.
Be frivolous, celebrate nature and the burlesque. It is all about the art of living. And no matter what you do - never forget to bring a feather boa! Click here to watch the video of this collection.

Natural Punk

Short haircut with a graduated neck and longer top hair
This absolutely adorable haircut has super-soft sides that are so short that they just want to be touched to explore their millimeter-long texture. The top hair is much longer and has an asymmetrical tilt to one side that gives this already tempestuous look another notch on the hotness scale.
The neck is graduated and transitions almost seamlessly from the extreme short to the longer section. The hair color is an earthy brown that reminds of the color of chestnuts, tobacco or dark molasses. The perfect counterpart to soft skin and feathery outfits.

Wicked Games

Long hairstyle with red curls
The goddess of fire and love likes the color red and long fierce curls. Like a force of nature, untamed and powerful, this look sweeps one away with its assembled and well-combined textures that range from small rippled curls down over the shoulders to large waves and a lot of curvature in the rest of the hairstyle.
The cut is however free of all the sugarcoating that many curly styles have and shows its tremendously edgy side in the line of the fringe and the asymmetry with a lot of wild strands dancing around the entire creation. The hair color reminds of raspberry-kissed dark chocolate. Simply irresistible.

Calm Before the Storm

Short platinum blonde hair with extra short sides
Natural hair colors do not necessarily have to be in the brown range. Think of silvery moonlight or clouds in the early morning before a rainstorm. Let your imagination flow to where this exciting platinum tone will take you.
The shape of the haircut has its very own titillating elements like a deep plunge in the fringe, extreme shortness along the sides and a sexy graduated neck. If that was not enough, the texture of the hair is super soft and gives a very organic feel to this masterpiece.

Rough and Ready

Short male hairstyle with a neat outline
This short cut is velvety soft, despite its rugged demeanor. Don't judge a hairstyle by its texture and this one has lots of it. Cut with a fine and neat outline at the same time with a rough yet refined surface, this sexy look for men has a lot to offer and yet is simple and just a natural.
Charisma and a youthful spirit are built in and the short fringe with its slightly jagged edge is a perfect addition to the intriguing look. The finish comes in a matte sheen of the unique hair color that is an interesting and unusual mix of beige, lilac and the colors of a foggy autumn morning.

The Curve

Men's haircut with a buzzed neck
What could have been born as an interesting but rather ordinary men's haircut with a flavor of the 80s has indeed come out as a ravishing, sublime look that demands a second and third glance. It will grow on you. All that was needed to make such a difference is a single curve, an extreme of after all.
The cutting line runs uninterrupted around the entire head, form a straight and full fringe a high buzzed back and then suddenly there is... the curve. It reveals a patch of extremely short, almost non-existent fuzz underneath and plays a trick on your eyes and senses. Unconventional and seductive in a new way, perhaps a forbidden fruit to taste?
Hair: Framesi
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