Volume Styles for Fine Hair by Wellaflex

Volume styles for long hair
Fullness and body are the focus for hairstyles and no one knows this better than London based stylist to the stars Sascha Breuer: "The 70s with their opulent waves and volume are totally on their way back. Strong hair with a lot of volume at the roots and soft waves in the lengths is the volume look for long hair - Charlie's Angels are saying hello."
The styling expert exclusively presents the most beautiful long hair volume looks for Wellaflex and explains how they can be easily re-styled at home. To make volume styling work even for fine hair, Sascha Breuer shares his professional tips for more body and bounce.

Opulent Look with Waves

Trendy hair with waves
Soft waves are not only trendy right now but they also give more body to the hair. Many women with fine hair are afraid that curls or waves may not be suitable for their hair. The new wellaflex products for Body & Style and a little bit of styling technique is all that is needed to create opulent waves even with fine hair, that will make you the center of attention when shopping or at the next party.
After washing work a golfball size amount of wellaflex body & style mousse into the hair. It will give your hair more body starting at the roots, will provide ultra strong hold and at the same time it protects the hair from the heat of the dryer. Distribute the mousse by picking up portions with a wide toothed comb and then evenly rake it through the hair. This is how you can avoid an overdose that would make fine hair heavy and the product will be spread evenly from roots to the ends.
hair styling hair styling hair styling
Semi-dry the hair with your blow dryer before rolling it over large heated curlers. For a perfect result your should always begin at the crown and make sure that the individual strands are never wider than the curler itself. Let the curlers cool completely. A great way to make use of the waiting time is for example to put on your make-up. After removing the curlers gently shake your hair with your head down and roughly rake separate it with your fingers. This way you will get loose and full structure.
The right hairspray is especially important when you have fine hair. To keep the wave-look full and bouncy for the whole day mist the wellaflex body & style hairspray from a distance of about 8 inches. Tilt your head to the side and spray from the bottom up. This way it will be distributed best and will give the hair ultra strong, flexible old without sticking.

Elegant 70s Style

70s long hairstyle
A great styling idea for long hair are bangs that are loosely pinned to the back. The volume at the roots gives this style a sophisticated appearance and the soft waves along the length conjure up a soft silhouette. This look is not only perfect for the daytime, but it also looks fantastic in the evenings when given a little glamorous touch-up.
Using your hands work a small amount of wellaflex body & style fluid evenly into the hair, from roots to ends, into the towel dry hair. To distribute the fluid as evenly as possible follow up with a wide tooth comb. The fluid with Panthenol coats each individual hair und fills in thinner parts of the hair. It visually provides more fullness und gives the hair a strong and flexible hold. This way fine hair is nourished, thickened and at the same time protected from the heat of the blow dryer.
hair styling hair styling hair styling
To create soft waves in the lengths, roll the hair over large curlers and let dry completely. Remove the curlers and gently brush the hair. Following separate the bang section with a styling comb in the shape of a horseshoe. To give it more structure and body, lightly tease the bangs. Just separate individual strands, hold them with one hand and push down with the styling comb in strong moves. The strands should never be wider than the comb itself.
Finally attach the bang section with small bobby pins to the back of the head. If your hair is rather heavy, you can also use a small elastic band.
To finalize mist wellaflex body & style spray from a distance of about 8 inches evenly over your creation. Pay special attention to the front section to keep the volume for a whole day. The body & style spray works especially well with fine hair, because it gives body and hold without weighing the hair down. This way the 70's style remains perfect in every situation.

Straight Business Look

Business look for long hair
Many women with fine, long hair rarely wear their hair open, because the volume that was styled in the morning often collapses after a short amount of time. Especially when working they often just gather their hair to a ponytail. However there are many styling options even for fine hair. If you use the right products and styling tricks even fine, straight hair can have the right fullness for a lively, voluminous styling. Graphic bangs bring a fashionable touch to this business look and make the hairstyle appear modern and feminine.
To give the hair the most fullness and strength and to protect it at the same time from the heat of the dryer, start by working wellaflex body & style fluid into the damp hair. Follow by evenly combing the hair through with a good comb. The fluid with Panthenol is easy to distribute and coats each hair as it thickens it. The hair appears fuller and keeps the volume for hours.
hair styling hair styling hair styling
For much volume and a light structure blow dry the hair over a paddle brush.
Section of the top hair with a clamp and start working with the lower hair sections. Tilt your head to the side and gently slide the brush from the roots to the ends while blow drying. Finish with blow drying the bangs straight over the forehead.
To make this business styling last a full day, finish with a touch of wellaflex body & style hairspray. With its extremely fine mist the hairspray can be distributed evenly without weighing down the hair or gluing
together individual strands. The volume styled in the morning will therefore last for 24 hours while the hair remains loose and flexible.

Romantic Casual Look

Romantic hairstyle with curls
This romantic look is a great alternative to the straight business variation and is easily styled in just a few steps. The curls lend much volume and life to the hairstyle and remove some of the strictness of the graphical bangs. This is just the right look for a romantic date or for an afternoon at the café with the girlfriends.
Before blow drying work a small amount of wellaflex body & style into the damp hair from roots to the ends. The fluid provides strong hold and nourishes the hair with Panthenol. If you prefer mousse you can comb wellaflex body & style mousse evenly into the hair working in sections. This way the hair will be fuller and also protected from the heat of the blow dryer.
Just as with the business look use a paddle brush to blow dry the hair.
hair styling hair styling hair styling
Now it is time to get out the mid sized curling iron. Starting at the roots, spiral individual strands around the curling iron. You'll get best results when you start with the lower parts of your hair. Loosen up the hair with your fingers after all the curling is done.
To fixate the fullness and bounce of your curls finalize your style with an even mist of wellaflex body & style hairspray. Make sure to spray from a distance of about 8 inches. The special formula with Panthenol covers each hair, giving the hair visibly more fullness and ultra strong hold - up to 24 hours. All this time the hair will keep its natural movability and a healthy shine.
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