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Ken Picton

Ken Picton does not mess around. There is nothing tame or toned down in this Dis-Go-Tek collection. Drama, expression and flamboyance are celebrated in short, long, sleek and curly hairstyles. These wonderfully eccentric inside are fairy tales come true and transform women into princesses, warrioresses, priestesses and temptresses of the night.
  • long hair with layers
  • hair styled with ripples
  • retro inspired look
  • curls styled into a round shape
  • short smooth bob
  • short retro hairstyle with curves
  • pixie haircut
  • expressive cut for short hair
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Lock the demure into the closet and indulge in artistic curls, sculptured looks and brilliant colors. The hues are as cool as the moonlight and come in black, blonde and brown. Fine tuned for the highest level of intensity and luminescence the colors appear to have a radiance that comes from way inside. Match the hairstyles with a smoky and heavy eye make-up and the night will be yours.
Hairstyles: Ken Picton
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