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"Women of the 7th Art" by DESSANGE

  • chestnut brown hair with highlights
  • wet-look style for short hair
  • youthful pixie
  • brown hair with highlights
  • long 70s hairstyle
  • elegant punk style
  • wild 1980s bob hairstyle
  • short siode-combed hair
  • post-ware era updo
  • Updo with slicked-back hair
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For over 50 years, DESSANGE has been styling hair for the biggest stars at the Cannes film festival. So naturally, this season the new collection is paying homage to the world of the seventh art and its iconic hairstyles.
Between two shoots, Iris, Jessica, and Vanessa, the hair models, decided to pose with cinematic decor, allowing themselves to be transformed by DESSANGE's stylists’ expert hands. Timeless, modern hairstyles are on the menu, with smooth, diaphanous, or airy styling, finely sculpted cuts, subtle layers, and nuanced colors.
Resolutely contemporary, each of the actresses-for-a-day has a cut that can be adjusted into three styles. Just like actresses, women of today must know how to elegantly slip from one character to another. Whether wise, tender, maternal, glamorous, or a femme fatale, each role has its own beauty and its own hairstyle.
Hairstyles: DESSANGE
Photography: Nicolas Valois