"Women of the 7th Art" by DESSANGE

Timeless modern hairstyles
For over 50 years, DESSANGE has been styling hair for the biggest stars at the Cannes Film Festival. This season, the new collection is paying homage to the world of the seventh art and its iconic hairstyles.
Between two shoots, Iris, Jessica, and Vanessa, the hair models, decided to pose with cinematic decor, allowing themselves to be transformed by the expert hands of DESSANGE's stylists. Timeless, modern hairstyles are on the menu, with smooth, diaphanous, or airy styling, finely sculpted cuts, subtle layers, and nuanced colors.
Resolutely contemporary, each of the actresses-for-a-day has a cut that can be adjusted into three styles. Just like actresses, women of today must know how to elegantly transition from one character to another. Whether wise, tender, maternal, glamorous, or a femme fatale, each role has its own beauty and its own hairstyle.

Wavy Glamour

Long chestnut brown hair with highlights
This is a highly natural yet transcendent modern style that has been gracing glamour shoots, catwalks, and high-profile events for many years. It is often said that less is more, and this is a prime example of that!
Vanessa's warm, chestnut-brown hair has been curled with a flat iron and then brushed out with a boar-bristle brush to give it a naturally cascading, voluminous look. The stylist added a sprinkle of golden highlights to further emulate sun streaks, which has a supremely youthful overall effect.

Masculine-Feminine Hair

Chic wet-look style for women who have short hair
The whole world has taken a turn into the ultra-feminist, "If you can do it, I can do it better" realm, and this chic hairstyle certainly seems to prove it. The model's hair has been sculpted into a slick, disciplined, androgynous evening style that echoes the vibrancy and energy of the rebellious 1980s. The look is both natural and sophisticated.
This look is relatively easy to do at home. Apply a generous amount of wet-look styling gel to wet, just-washed hair, and style as desired.The easiest way to do this would be to perform it on short hair with a wavy or curly structure. Do some research on finger waves and learn how to create them.

Pixie with Volume

Youthful pixie with the hair styled to the back
This is a relatively simple yet incredibly striking pixie cut with a styled-unstyled appeal. The model's short hair has been blow-dried back with a wide-barrel brush. The hair is purposefully styled away from the face for a more arresting, youthful appearance.
The stylist applied a small amount of dry-look wax to the hair for added height and volume, and styled it in an upside-down triangle shape. The contrast between the model's dark brown hair and creamy skin tone almost forces one to focus extra on the differentiation in silhouette and texture of this unabashedly natural yet feisty style.

Hollywood Cascade

Long brown hair with highlights and curls
The stylist of Vanessa obviously has a fondness for natural-looking styles, and this image further emphasizes that. The model's hair has been colored to an ultra-glamorous copper-golden brunette shade known as "Marron Gold". Thin golden blonde highlights were also worked into the base color to add movement and lighten the overall look.
The hair has been curled with a medium-barrel curling tong, and the curls have been gently brushed out with a boar-bristle brush to create those luscious, goddess-like waves. Clip-in extensions can also be used to replicate this voluminous look if you don't have a lot of hair.

Maxi Volume Styling

Long 70s hairstyle with the ends styled to the outside
Everything about this hairstyle, with the ends styled outward, is simply magnificent. The stylist is very gifted at breathing new life into this 70s style while making it look totally natural and modern at the same time.
The model's hair is cut into a connected layered, long style. A lot of effort was put into creating the perfect texture and a feathery effect around the face to provide a framing element.
The colorist then added their magic by coloring the model's hair with the famous DESSANGE California highlighting technique, which imitates natural sun streaks and highlights. The “Blond Légende” shade was used to ensure maximum brightness and impact-power for this style.

Chic Rebel

Elegant punk style for short pixie hair
It has often been said that opposites attract; and this seems to ring true when one looks at this image. Elegance and punk are fused together with such harmony that "elegant-punk" becomes an actual thing!
The model's short pixie hair is first blow-dried away from her face, with the main aim of creating as much volume as possible. The hair is then styled by using a small amount of dry-look wax and lots of shimmering hairspray.
You will see that the stylist used a crimping iron at the roots of the hair to intensify the volume, while styling the hybrid Mohawk subtly to the side of the model's head for a more feminine, softer look.

Wild Bob

Wild 1980s bob with layers
The disheveled, almost rebelliously messy bob was one of the signature styles of the 1980s, but its timeless power still strongly reverberates into modern fashion and couture.
The stylist chose a particularly feminine yet distinctly confident version of the 80s bob with layers to exemplify the wonders of natural finger-drying and texturizing mist. The model's icy blonde hair creates the perfect backdrop for this rebellious yet confident look.

Short and Smooth

Side-combed pixie cut with a feminine apppeal
This is a beautifully executed pixie cut that has been smoothed down with wet-look gel applied to wet hair. The hair is slick and ultra-smooth, yet still manages to look decidedly feminine due to the side-combed style.
Beautiful, warm highlights sprinkle across the dark brown "Brun Studio" hue, especially around the face. The hair is very short along the nape and sides, while the top of the style is longer and softer. Boyishly short hair with a feminine appeal!

Elegant Updo

Updo inspired by women of the post-war era
This incredibly elegant, timeless, and sophisticated hairstyle reminds one of the supremely strong and confident women of the post-war era. In many ways, this was the beginning of women realizing their collective strength and incredible tenacity.
The updo has been carefully backcombed to make the hair look fuller, and then gently combed down for a smooth, elegant look. Baby hair has been tamed with a hydrating cream, while the coiled strands showcase well-placed highlights, especially along the face, perfectly.

Slicked-Back Chic

Updo with slicked-back hair
Here, Vanessa created an updo inspired by Hitchcock films that looks impressively intricate, yet is easy enough for anyone to do at home! The model's wet hair has been slicked down with wet-look hair gel and combed to smooth perfection using a fine-tooth comb. The middle part and baby hairs in the sideburns area add a modern appeal and a sense of structure and balance.
The hair is then tied into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck, while still ensuring that the surface of the hair is flawless. Small sections of the hair in the ponytail are tightly coiled and pinned into place with bobby pins. Once the entire ponytail is done, spray it with a high gloss hairspray to increase shine and to keep out humidity.
Hairstyles: DESSANGE
Photography: Nicolas Valois