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Hair Autumn-Winter 09-10

Easy to maintain hairstyles
Cool, classy, funky or playful - the coming season offers looks for every type of woman and for every whim or desire. Top Model Coiffure delights us again with a range of hairstyles that are ready for the catwalks of the world, but definitely wearable at the same time.
The styles are chic, unique and flattering. There is much volume on curly heads displaying emotions from wild to romantic. The straight looks are not less feminine in their approach, but they come with a more subdued, classy attitude.
The message is one of beauty - the individual beauty of each woman that can be enhanced with the right look. Natural but radiant colors are dominating again as are simple lines and a soft flow of the hair, even in the shorter and straight looks.

Wet Look for Short Hair

sleek wetlook for women with short hair
Her sleek wet look conjures up the classic dandy and images of glamour, luxury, fine champagne and seduction. This androgynous short hairstyle brings most of the focus to the face where each colorful accent stands out even more.
Pomade and a narrow comb will do the trick and keep the short hair moldable and soft. This look can be styled based on different short haircuts, as varying lengths within the cut will not be visible once the hair is treated with the pomade or gel.

Young Hairstyle

young hairdo with layers and blunt cutting lines
Long layers and a blunt cutting line just beneath the shoulders are the base for large waves that pump up the volume of this wild head of hair.
The thick bangs are a great balance to all of the body on the sides and complete the boldness of this powerful and young look. Our Chupa Girl is ready for the city and will not take any no for an answer.

Updo with Butterfly Pins

updo with a chignon and butterfly pins
Fiona gives us new insight into the secret life of butterflies. A small swarm of feathery light butterfly pins decorate her soft and loose updo. Corkscrew curls and a gently side swept fringe frame her face with romantic radiance.
The sides are held together with a light French braid technique and taken to the back where the hair is gathered and tucked to an airy chignon.

Frizzed Hair

frizzed hair for a Bohemian look
Bohemian looks are still en vogue and this opulent style takes it to the next level with modern and edgy textures but also a lot of retro feel. Parted in the center the shoulder length hair has been cut to long layers with the shortest one on nose level.
The beige blonde tresses where then frizzed using twirling techniques, a lot of teasing and a small flat iron to create the zigzags.

Bob with Large Waves

short bob with large waves for volume
Breathtaking volume that will sweep every one of their feet with its funky and sexy energy. The short bob cut with straight bangs and blunt cutting lines was transformed to an opulent statement of joie de vivre by large, defined waves that start right at the crown.
The overall shape is a broad oval opening up just enough to show off a pretty face. This look makes us wonder whether brunettes might have more fun after all.

Open and Free Long Hair

open and free long hairstyle
Lucie's secret weapon is understatement. The intensity of this long hairstyle comes from its simplicity. A center part keeps things balanced, as does the straight and blunt line of the bangs.
The hair falls down the back and the sides in well nourished and ultra sleek onyx radiance with slightly textured ends. This cut looks great open and free but also offers innumerable styling options.

Playful Curls

hairstyle with playful curls and hair color transitions
Fancy and free is the appeal of these playful curls that spiral their way around Myriam's gorgeous face like the rays of electric energy.
Her hair was parted just a bit off center and based on a natural curl, the hair got its dimension and definition with a load of small curlers. Note the color transitions of a deep raven to an aubergine hue.

Broad Blunt Cut Bangs

blond hair and blunt cut bangs with green eyes
Broad and blunt cut bangs are the centerpiece of Pauline's straight, long hairstyle. As if long and blond was not enough the Top Model Team added highlights and lowlights into her hair to let it shine in all the colors of the blonde palette, platinum to amber.
Strongly textured sides are even more flirty when the rest of the hair is taken to the back and only a few strands are left out to play.

Tapered Haircut

short brunette hair tapered around the face
This secret agent of fashion does not need a gun or gadgets to get her way. Her brunette helmet of hair convinces with its classy, round lines.
The cut is smoothly tapered around her face and a perfectly styled with straight, sleek surfaces curling slightly inward at the ends. It was the wow look in the sixties and it has the same effect even today.
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