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Top Model Coiffure

Hair Collection Autumn-Winter 2009-2010

Cool, classy, funky or playful - the coming season offers looks for every type of woman and for every whim or desire. Top Model Coiffure delights us again with a range of hairstyles that are ready for the catwalks of the world, but definitely wearable at the same time.
The styles are chic, unique and flattering. There is much volume on curly heads displaying emotions from wild to romantic. The straight looks are not less feminine in their approach, but they come with a more subdued, classy attitude.
  • short hair wet look
  • young hairdo with layers
  • chignon with butterfly pins
  • frizzed hair
  • bob with large waves
  • long hairstyle
  • hairstyle with playful curls
  • blond blunt cut bangs
  • round haircut
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For the coming season Top Model Coiffure bets on smooth lines, rounded shapes and a natural flow of the hair without any sharp corners or asymmetrical statements.
The message is one of beauty - the individual beauty of each woman that can be enhanced with the right look. Natural but radiant colors are dominating again as are simple lines and a soft flow of the hair, even in the shorter and straight looks.
Another reason to love the new Top Model styles is that they are sophisticated and created with much skill and artistry, but they are easy to maintain and to re-style at home with just a few tricks.
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