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La Belle Femme

Hob Salons

  • red hair with spikes
  • bangs that cuff the eyebrows
  • slithered hair
  • long feathery bangs
  • chestnut brown hair
  • short blonde hairstyle
  • bluntly edged hair
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Hob Salons offers a series of combined smooth and sassy hairstyles with a delicacy of rippled waves. There is the flow of thick chic and the short nips of hair spiking up and around the head. Most noticeable, are the long slithered ends that the artist sketched his canvas with.
Hair: Claire Atkinson for Hob Salons
Colour: Hari Anastasi
Make-up: Cheryl Phelps-Gardiner
Styling: Darren Knight
Photography: Malcolm Willison
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