La Belle Femme by Hob Salons

Sassy hairstyles
Hob Salons offers a series of combined smooth and sassy hairstyles with a delicacy of rippled waves. There is the flow of thick chic and the short nips of hair spiking up and around the head. Most noticeable, are the long slithered ends that the artist sketched his canvas with.

Spikes of Red Hair

red hair with spikes and a collar covering nape section
The thrill of the short layered choppy ends draws our attention to the spikes that stand up and out around the model's red hair. The bangs frame the forehead into a tight circle and begin to enclose the sides with length. The collar covering nape is reminiscent to the versatility of the medium length shag.

Eyebrows Cuffing Bangs

Long brown hair with bangs that cuff the eyebrows
The bloom of the color light brown is intertwined with bands of blonde and cast with a dark shadow in the front of the smooth cut of bangs that cuff the eyebrows and hug along the face. The ruffled waves blend lightly into the long hair that nestles upon the shoulders.

Hair with Slithered Ends

Medium length hair with slithered ends
A deliberate straight flux of dark hair has been combed from the crown and toward the face and directed over to the side from the part. The ends have been slithered with scissors or a razor to capture the light webbed effect.

Long Satiny Bangs

Long blonde hair with feathery bangs
The attractive hair color of light neutral sand is complimented with long satiny bangs that curve over part of the eye and flow in feathery light threads that can be achieved through blow drying. A trendy yet very elegant long hairstyle.

Smoothed and Wavy

Chestnut brown hair with large waves
The warmth of a deep chestnut brown always brings an encore on camera, and when the top is smoothed to perfection the ideal overture would be in large waves along the sides that have casts of hair over lining the original cut.

Short Blonde Hair

Short blonde haircut that partly covers the ears
Beige blonde never goes out of style when you have a short haircut clipped tight in the back, the sides scattered thinly over the ears and a big bulky wedge of hair that originates from the crown and is brushed over and down to cover the brows.

Bluntly Cut Hair

Bluntly edged halfway over the ears hair
Ultra thick charcoal hair is bluntly edged over the brows and halfway over the ears. It moves to the back and is secured under the topped heavy chunk of hair overriding the hair underneath.
Hair: Claire Atkinson for Hob Salons
Colour: Hari Anastasi
Make-up: Cheryl Phelps-Gardiner
Styling: Darren Knight
Photography: Malcolm Willison