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Immune by Mič Styling Academy

  • angled bob
  • stylish short fringe
  • undercut hair
  • wide fringe
  • braided updo
  • knotted upstyle
  • futuristic updo
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Get immunized! The latest collection of hairstyles by Mic Styling Academy is the right prescription for a fashion boost that will prevent any further infections by the tedious virus. The ingredients are evolved creativity, state of the art cutting techniques executed in high precision, light reflexes paired with pastel colors and simplicity leading to a highly refined elegance ready for a new age.
Bobs and long hair woven into the most exquisite updos cover the most desired types of hairstyles. The hair colors are flattering, illuminating and radiant. Precision and sensitivity of design extend the limit of artistic expression.
Hair: Mič Styling Academy
Styling: Nina Jagodic
Make-up: Tina Lasič Andrijevič
Products: Paul Michell
Photography: Peter Giodani