Immune by Mič Styling Academy

Fashion hairstyles
Get immunized! The latest collection of hairstyles by Mic Styling Academy is the right prescription for a fashion boost that will prevent any further infections by the tedious virus.
The ingredients are evolved creativity, state of the art cutting techniques executed in high precision, light reflexes paired with pastel colors and simplicity leading to a highly refined elegance ready for a new age.
Bobs and long hair woven into the most exquisite updos cover the most desired types of hairstyles. The hair colors are flattering, illuminating and radiant. Precision and sensitivity of design extend the limit of artistic expression.

Bobbing Along

Slightly angled bob
Hairstyle that accentuates the face shape
Brown hair with golden highlights
Clean cut precision. It does come with much flair however, despite all of the laser sharp lines and perfect corners. The strict shape of the slighty angled bob accentuates her cheekbones and face shape like no other hairstyle.
All of the crispness is softened by a small detail on her forehead, where, at the onset of the side part, two small sections are tugged under the sleek length and form a charming curve, further promoted with golden highlights. These repeat themselves in fine strands all through the hair and create a shiny surface of light and shadow.

Gentle Texture

Short cut with a stylish short fringe
Control and playfulness are both present in this adorable short cut. The geometry of the design features flowing curves, but also straight lines with soft corners and a perfectly harmonious composition. The edges are softened with fine toothy texture in the very tips that does not distract from the finesse of the shape.
A beautiful extra is the moss green color effect in the front part and in a small teaser section on the side, above the ear. The fringe is stylish and short, allowing her eyebrows to be this expressive.

Pastel Geometry

Short hair with a clipped back
Short hair with lengthening towards the front
Undercut hair
A sleek wedge with a gradual lengthening effect from the back towards the front sits atop a short clipped back, all coming together in a beautiful rounded shape. The basic and matter of fact approach to this design creates a timeless flow of lines and shapes, which all turns feminine and soft with a pastel lavender color on the top level.
The lower part contrasts in a gorgeous, deep blackberry shade. The fringe falls low into the face where it follows the line of her cheekbones and forms a diagonal line across the face when seen from the front. This leads to the biggest surprise of this short hairstyle. An undercut executed in multiple levels on the opposite side can be revealed or covered up, depending on the mood of the day.

Long with a Wide Fringe

Long hair with a wide fringe
Long platinum blonde hair
This might just be the medicine you have always needed, but did not know it existed. Mič Styling Academy turns dreams into hair and sets you on the right course for a mysterious journey into the land of beauty. A wide fringe with the most gentle of curves frames the face together with textured lengths.
Clean geometry and natural texture contrast and then again come together for an image of intrigue and balance. Layers interrupt the sleek length and all is dipped into a mother of pearl platinum hair color that could not be more precious.

Braided Fantasy

Upstyle with a braid
The intricate braid runs back to front in a double ladder pattern that connects directly to the heart of fashion DNA. Organic and artistic it takes a pattern of nature and turns it into an incredible display of skill and vision. An infusion of life energy that does away with the old and repetitive upstyles.
It is familiar and new at the same time, touching the onlooker on a deep level with its high vibration of design. Of course this poetic look needs a color to be its equal and the esoteric light purple does just that. Applied in wide strands it works with the pattern and takes the dark blonde base tone away and out of its conventional context.


Slung and knotted upstyle
Smooth as taffy with a blueberry flavor, but do not underestimate the impact of this slung and knotted upstyle. With a flowing design and the balance of two colors it comes across as a poem of elegance in springtime.
The strictness that cups her head turns into a romantic melody starting with the soft chignon and carries you to a seductive realm with its delicate wound lengths on her crown.

Futuristic in Rose

Futuristic updo
It is a roll, it is a quiff, it is a thrilling creation which redefines the idea of updos. There is no telling where it begins and where it ends. The organic shape of a thick, perfectly even barrel of hair requires a foam roll as an insert, around which the hair is carefully arranged.
The construction runs from the back of her head to the center of her forehead and is broken up into unevenly spaced sections by sections in a bright platinum, seamlessly transitioning into a fresh fuchsia.
Hair: Mič Styling Academy
Styling: Nina Jagodic
Make-up: Tina Lasič Andrijevič
Products: Paul Michell
Photography: Peter Giodani