VOG Coiffure - SS15

Hairstyles Spring-Summer 15

Urban hair styles
The urban hippie vibe in VOG Coiffure's latest hairstyles collection is winning many fans around the globe. Some have never stopped wearing flowers in their hair, others are about to discover the freedom of expression and mind that can start with just a new haircut. Let if flow is the message.
The long looks feature centers parts, generous fringes and a variety of textures. These hairstyles make us want to dance barefoot in a summer meadow after the rain and pick flowers for a beautiful wreath to wear as a crown. Natural movement, the color of warm sand and sun drenched wheat set the mood.

Luxury Look

Hippie look with long center parted hair
Long blonde hair with a pyramid shape
A face framing style with the popular urban hippie boho look features a humble center part and ever increasing volume from root to tips. The opulence of this cascade in beige blonde is breathtaking due to its rare color.
The length and the amazing volume give the hair a pyramid shape with a bottom part rounded by large curls. A perfect oval of hair accentuates her features and reveals her face from the corners of her eyes to the chin. Layers are set low and are most active in the lower quarter of her long hair to keep the biggest part sleek.

Disheveled with Bangs

Hair with tapered sides that are styled inward
Just over the shoulders hair with bangs
To capture the relaxed essence of the new trends the hair does not have to be at mid back length. Just over the shoulders is enough to give it this flowing, free spirited vibe. This version of a long and blonde boho style comes with a long fringe, slightly separated into thinner and thicker strands.
The sides are tapered and styled inward adding even more softness to the appearance of her face and neck. With the summery highlights in a very light and cool blonde tone, the hair looks sun kissed and as if bleached by the ocean and long hours playing on the beach.

Beach Look

Beach look for long blonde hair
Channel your inner Brigitte Bardot and your mermaid spirit with a look that reflects both. The seductive effect of long blonde layers, ruffled and disheveled, and the sun kissed color of hair that was exposed to the elements.
It is the same cut as before, but with a higher intensity of texture brought out with modern hair products that nourish the hair while they help to shape it. The fringe almost covers her kajal edged eyes, but appears light and airy. The layers are scrunched for a wonderful styled and unstyled look that is the right match for her urban hippie outfit.

Crowned with Flowers

Blonde hair crowned with flowers
Remember the fun we had with little wreaths of daisies picked from the backyard lawn? Flowers in your hair are making a big come back but bigger and bolder than during those days. If you cannot find fresh ones and don't have the time to string them up, buy a finished tiara or wreath of silk flowers and immediately turn yourself into a summer goddess.
The yellow and orange colors of the petals seen here are well coordinated with the summer blonde color of her layered and disheveled hair.

Bun with Head Band

Upstyle with a colorful head band
For those hot summer days and nights a fun upstyle is the way to beat the heat. Combine a little loose chignon and a colorful head band for one of the trendiest looks of the year.
Her center parted hair was rolled up and tied into a little knot, the bandana with its exotic pattern is a beautiful splash of color in her beige, sun kissed hair. Just arrange the wide center on the forehead and tie the small corners right underneath the bun. A wide and long strand falls out on each side for a fun effect.

Dark to Light Blonde Layers

Shoulder length hair with a long fringe
Hair with dark to light blonde layers
The color lends a very intricate quality to the cut of this lovely summer style. With dark blonde tones in the roots and fringe and a dimensional lift in medium blonde and even finer strands in a very light blonde, the effect just spells out days in the sun. The length covers her shoulders and is cut in a bob style with a horizontal cutting line.
A few layers throughout promote the texture and hold of waves, which look very natural because of their irregular strength and pattern. The tips are curled inward, enhancing the volume and soft appearance. With the long fringe that almost covers her eyes a mysterious element comes into play.

Feathery at Medium Length

Flattering look with medium length hair
Feathery style for medium length hair
Follow the latest casual hair trends even with shorter hair. It is all about the styling and movement. The ends of the long side fringe determine the beginning of layers in this flattering and ageless look.
Her hair is parted on the side to create the large curve of hair that brings seductive tension to her gaze. With a sleeker top the wispy ends make a strong impact and add immediate weightlessness to the hair.
Hair: VOG Coiffure
Artistic Director: Bruno Weppe
Make-up: Carole Lasnier
Styling: St├ęphanie Brissay
Photography: Vincent Alvarez