"The Core" by Keller haircompany

Hair with radiant colors
With an abundance of radiant colors and exciting textures the Keller Haircompany presents their vision of contemporary hair and explores the central values of the philosophy of hair.
This bright collection of short and medium long hairstyles for men and women is aptly named "The Core" as it expresses the core beliefs of its creators who are constantly striving for an exquisite perfection of craftsmanship in connection with unleashed artistic expression and finesse at the highest level.
At the same time the ravishing looks tap into the core of color and shape, exploring extremes while making the inner self of each customer visible.

Gamine Cut in Copper

Short boyish hair style for women
This short boyish cut differs from the traditional gamine cuts through the extremely short tapered sideline opposite the long, diagonally styled bangs.
Gentle layering and soft texturing assured a smooth flow of the hair like molten copper with an extravagant flame of gold above the forehead.

Edgy Short Haircut

Short hair with body and a copper hue
Revel in the color of a summer sunset and a shape that gets its energy from distinct geometric lines and sassy smooth to ruffled sections.
The polished copper hue gets more heat with elements of strawberry red in the edgy sides and the sleek, diagonal bangs. The back of the head is layered and textured for a full bodied and wisped up look.

Short Feminine Haircut

Short feminine hairstyle with volume on the crown
Color plays the main role in this short, feminine cut. The brightness of the copper was interspersed with strands of red and yellow gold perfectly placed for an ever changing radiance that comes with the movement of the thick layers and the soft texturing.
With much volume on the crown and the deep, side swept bangs this style has a subtle retro touch - the only subtle element in this look.

Spiky Purple Haircut

Short and punky purple hair
Color and cut are competing for the first price in being fabulous. The layers of this short, spiky punky crop where styled in opposing directions to create an exciting jagged silhouette.
Various shades of purple, pink and red flare up with determination and attitude, enhancing the effect of the layered movement.

Pink Pixie

Short cropped pink pixie hair
Who knew that pink could be this adventurous? Stripped of its candy sweetness the bold hue accompanies streaks of plum purple on a deep raven canvas of short cropped hair.
The perfection of the cut shows in the exact line of the short, asymmetrical bangs and the even shorter and velvety sides and back.

Buzz Cut Nape

Hairstyle with a buzzcut length nape for women
Life is more fun in color! Dive right into it with a deep amethyst hue, brought to its highest vibration by a stripe of fuchsia and cut with the highest skill to a style with a statement. The hair is perfectly tapered from a buzz cut length nape to a longer crown.
The hair is styled to the back and flatters with light volume on the crown. A power look that surely will not be ignored.

Mussed Back Side

Short pixie hair with a mussed backside
Bathed in bright red tones with blended hues from raspberry to pink this short style captivates at first sight.
The mussed backside is irresistible and stands in an energetic contrast to the straight and asymmetrically styled front the flow of which has its center just off the highest point of the crown.
Mixed textures and the mélange of colors make this hairstyle one of fashion's most desirable.

Orange Extremes

Buzzed pixie cut with orange hair color
The creamy blonde base color tries to mellow out the intense orange that flows from the crown in zesty strands.
The front shows a textured curtain of long hair, which evolved out of a gradual lengthening of the layers starting at the short crown. Sides and back have been clipped to an extreme short fur giving this hairstyle a radical edge.

Bright Hair Colors

Short back and long bangs layered hairstyle
Listen to the grapevine. Bold colors are not having a comeback - in fact they never left. Express your lust for live with the brightest hues that come in a bottle. For the bold among us that means hues taken from grapes, berries and sunsets all in one swirling and layered explosion of color.
The layered haircut with a short back and long bangs was styled for much movement, waves and even some wispy ruffles.

Romance in Red

Medium hairstyle with a fire red hair color
If you color your hair you might as well do it right and go all the way. Nothing turns more heads than the iridescent intensity of this fire red that is hotter than a habanero pepper. Curly layers fluff up the sides and stoke the fire with bouncy volume.
A super smooth, deep and eye-concealing fringe brings ultramodern style to this look.

Coloring with a Marbled Effect

Long face framing hair with marbled coloring
The result of a simple haircut and a superior color treatment is a hypnotic look of artistic sophistication. Round cutting lines with minute texturing of the ends and tapered, face framing sides provide the ideal background for the layered color treatment in dark and medium browns with a hint of berry tones.
Due to the sectioning and layering of the color a marbled effect changes and amazes with every movement of the hair.

Short Haircut with Curls

Short hairstyle with big curls
The curls want to be taken seriously. They are big, bold and make no compromises. Long curved tendrils reach out of a denser center and provide the structure and definition to this anti-gravity sensual look.
The sheer size of the curls is a statement whose power of seduction is enhanced by the radiant mahogany color.

Bangs for Boys

Medieval monk look hair for men
The modern male does not have to join a monastery to adorn himself with short, blunt cut and curved bangs and an inspired aura. Textured strands stylishly contradict the classic medieval hairline. They were styled from the crown to the front and bring motion into this suspenseful mix of monk and mod.

Curls for Men

Short hairstyle with curls for men
Late in the 1980s Andy McCluskey of OMD fame sported a similar look with a short back and longer curls towards the front.
This principle is here taken to the heights of fashion with a clear focus on different textures and a graphical, no nonsense cutting line that suddenly bursts out in a fountain of large curls, which have grown in intensity from the tender swirls on the crown to a full cascade forming the long bangs for this men's haircut.

Mod Hair Revisited

Retro mod haircut with bangs for men
This would be a typical retro cut for men had not the strictness of the mod-lines been disrupted by textured strands that are styled against the general flow.
The bangs cover the brows and throw a sexy shadow over the eyes, bringing a little bit of bad boy flavor to the neat image. The dark blonde color was made more radiant with subtle golden blonde highlights.

Blue Hair for Men

Buzz-cut short blue hair for men
This blue streak melts the ice and captures attention with its intoxicating appeal. It is topped by black, lacey layers with much finesse and cut with skill and vision from the short crown to the generous flow of hair shaping the bangs.
The sides and back are keeping their cool by being buzz-cut short.
Hairstyles: Keller haircompany