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"The Core" Hairstyles Collection

Keller haircompany

With an abundance of radiant colors and exciting textures the Keller Haircompany presents their vision of contemporary hair and explores the central values of the philosophy of hair.
  • short boyish hair style
  • wisped up hair style
  • short feminine hairstyle
  • punky purple hair
  • pink hair color
  • hairstyle with a buzzcut length nape
  • mussed backside for hair
  • orange hair color
  • short back and long bangs hairstyle
  • fire red hair
  • long face framing haircut
  • hairstyle with bug curls
  • monk look
  • Andy McCluskey look
  • man with retro haircut
  • buzz-cut short hair for men
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This bright collection of short and medium long hairstyles for men and women is aptly named "The Core" as it expresses the core beliefs of its creators who are constantly striving for an exquisite perfection of craftsmanship in connection with unleashed artistic expression and finesse at the highest level.
At the same time the ravishing looks tap into the core of color and shape, exploring extremes while making the inner self of each customer visible.
Hairstyles: Keller haircompany