Jesien-Zima 08-09

Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin

Dramatic hairstyles
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Perhaps the most dramatic and theatrical collection of hairstyles (fryzury) this year comes from Poland. The Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin stuns us all again with a series of eccentric, unusual, wild, elegant and just glamorous and gorgeous styles.
Ethereal creations with supernatural flow and sensuality are joined by elaborate up styles and postmodern geometric cuts. The range of colors is as diversified as the looks and includes iridescent platinum tones, dark blondes, bluish black and sparkling reds.
Longe blonde hair and a fringe with aswirl above the ear
Long blonde hairdo with waves and curls
Hairdo for a governess look
Playful updo with a ponytail
Medium length hairstyle with a curved fringe
Wispy long black hair and short bangs
Hair cut with a long and short combination
Modern short haircut with different lengths
Hairstyles: Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin
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