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No-nonsense hairstyles
Australia's BIBA Creative Team has brought us a collection of edgy, no-nonsense looks with a variety of lengths and styles from which to choose. The common thread in all these hairstyles is texture.
By combining soft texturing with sharp edges and hard lines, the designers create a set of visually stunning looks that are sure to turn heads and draw attention in any crowd.

Haircut for Mildly Wavy Hair

Black hair with layers and razor-cutting
When executed in hair the color of strong, black coffee, this layered haircut with deeply-chopped razor cut texture provides an earthy, natural feel to the style. With mildly wavy hair, the individual layers are defined and seem organic, as is they've grown to look exactly this way.
The choppy layers also keep the perimeter of the hair soft, so that the hairstyle is tousled and romantic, without being too frilly, or frou-frou. The color is interlaced with a little warmth from a rich, chestnut brown that offers extremely subtle highlighting.

Strong Angular Hairstyle

Short angular haircut for thick hair
This hairstyle is an homage to the powerful, sex symbols of the 80s - Brigitte Neilson and Grace Jones. Both wore gamine-short, strongly-angular styles to maximum effect without sacrificing their femininity. Here we see similarities in the cut and design - clean edges and perimeter, smoothly tapered nape into a sharply defined weight line.
The sides and crown are swept in a downward angle and provide counterbalance to the top sections, rooster-like frill. The natural pale blonde is also countered by the blue-black panels that allow for added depth and contrast.
This haircut is great for those with thick, but fine hair as the texturing and styling gives the hair the look of added structure.

Dual-Level Haircut

Dual-level haircut with tow lengths
Here we have a dual-level haircut that combines two lengths of a "bowl style" cut into a look that compares and contrasts the finishing techniques of both. In the interior of the cut, the hair is cut into a precisely defined "bowl" with tapered sideburns and sharp, clean perimeter.
A segment of the crown has been reserved and is laid over the undercut base of the style as a veil of sorts. This upper layer of hair has been colored to give panels of warm, coppery tones and bright, golden glints.
The upper layer gives a translucent look to the hairstyle, and the razor-cut finishing keeps the edges of the upper layer soft, in contrast to the sharp edge underneath.

Jaw Level Bob Cut

Bob cut at jaw level
Most any collection of hairstyles that vary in length will contain its own incarnation of the bob haircut. This collection is no exception.
This rich, chocolate brown hair is cut with a precise fringe that extends from temple to temple, while the side and back lengths end precisely at the jaw level.
The ends of the hair along the perimeter are textured with a razor to soften and otherwise hard edge, but the texture is minimalist, meant only to create a bristly feel, rather than diffusing the ends into wispy strands.

Colorful Short Pixie Hairstyle

Colorful pixie with layers and streaks
This colorful tapestry of a hairstyle combines cut and color techniques to create a very textural look. The base color is one of a neutral dark blonde with some natural blonde highlights. This has been enhanced by streaks of wheaten-blonde, and toasted umber.
The cut is a mixture of pixie and devil-lock (as evidenced by the dramatic length left in the fringe). The tapered layers are chipped in with scissors and create an edgy look that can be "roughed" up in styling to maximize or minimize the impact of the style.
The perimeter lengths are elongated and provide a softened frame to the face and features.
Hair: BIBA Creative Team Australia