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Intercoiffure Austria

Revival der Feminit├Ąt und Strenge

Femininity and Strictness Revived
Intercoiffure Austria's creative hair artists bring strength and strictness back to female heads. The new line of extraordinary hairstyles features strong colors, bold shapes and geometric elements in straight and curly styles.
The highest amount of intensity is achieved with minimal elements. It is amazing what an accurate line and a right angle can do for a hairstyle.
  • lava red hair
  • chic short bob
  • short haircut with controled curls
  • charleston era bob for wavy hair
  • hair cut at a 90° angle
  • feathery short hair
  • face hugging bob
  • perfectly cut short hair
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Intercoiffure Austria's collection is not about playfulness. It is not sweet, but breathtaking. It is not romantic, but seductive. A collection of fabulous hair that radiates with female sensuousness and power. All put together with an utmost amount of control and creative discipline. What a delightfully dangerous mix.
Colors are as bold and provocative as are the intense lines of the cuts. Flaming lava red, hypnotizing mahogany tones, ice blonde and shiny ebony are the new hues to express feminine confidence and fashion sense. Shiny surfaces and clear textures are the icing on the already perfect cake.
Hairstyles: Intercoiffure Austria