"my chic" by Keller haircompany

Masterful haircuts
One of the most rewarding aspects in the life of a hairstylist is to help a customer express her inner self to the outside world. To do this in beauty, with finesse and sophistication is the challenge that fuels the imagination and creativity of all dedicated professionals.
The "my chic" collection by Keller haircompany demonstrates how different characters and temperaments can be captured and communicated by exquisite hairstyles with masterful cuts and colors.
A rainbow of colors, a play with textures and lines are the key ingredients. These are brought to their full potential by un-harnessed creativity and feeling for style that breaks with traditions, defies all boxes and aims to define the new classics.

Long Hair with Waves

Long brown hair with a high crown and large waves
Hair that is sleek and long with large waves is a showstopper already. With the exquisite styling of this curly, wavy long style it becomes irresistible.
The secret is in the detail ... a high crown, which is created by styling the hair towards the back from the middle of the upper head on and giving it a little lift with a blow dryer and a tiny tease. The short side part is super stylish especially when caressing the face in this wavy diagonal curve.

Red Chin Length Curls

Curled chin length red hair
Short red hair with curls
In the color of the spiciest paprika this large, curled look outshines them all and speaks of a self-confident woman who is full of energy and zest for life. The hair comes out to about chin length and is parted slightly of center giving it an exciting asymmetrical effect.
The silhouette of this enchanting look is a perfect oval, rotated on its side. The stars of the show are however the huge and well defined curls.

Sophisticated Short Hairstyle

Short hairstyle with hair color effects
Less dramatic at first sight than the previous look, but not less spectacular are the extravagant lines, cut with ultimate precision of this elegant and sophisticated short style.
The color brings the fire to the flame with layers of dark chestnut and a warm and bright mahogany red. Depending on the styling and the movement of the hair new color effects will be visible.

Thinned Out Bob

Bob with thinned out hair at the ends
This style comes with greetings from the 50's, Rock'n Roll, Petticoats and a little wink from the Stepford Wives. The base is a long bob that was thinned out and textured at the ends to keep most of the body on the upper areas of the head.
With a sleek styling and volumizing blow drying the hair will fall like a thick and shiny helmet. A very chic touch that breaks up the uniformity is the zigzag part and the deep, side swept fringe.

Two-Tone Hair Coloring

Short hair with two tone coloring
A classic inspiration made modern by taking it to the max. The huge outward flip is a great do for a girl in motion. Be it at the bistro or the bar, at the office or promenading along a fancy boulevard - this short style is a fashion statement that could have just jumped out of Breakfast at Tiffany's.
It becomes extra sassy through the two-tone coloring with a dark brown, espresso colored base and a lighter red tone towards the textured ends.

Short Neck and Sides Haircut

Short neck and sides haircut for women
Short haircut with long top hair
The petal shaped fringe of this delightfully eccentric look appears like a plant from a different planet.
The neck and sides are short and shaped like a classic gamine cut, however the top hair is cut to long finely textured layers that are styled to a high teased volume on the crown and then settle softly over the face. A cosmic yellow flash enhances the triangle of its shape.
Hairstyles: Keller haircompany