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"my chic" Hairstyles Collection

Keller haircompany

One of the most rewarding aspects in the life of a hairstylist is to help a customer express her inner self to the outside world. To do this in beauty, with finesse and sophistication is the challenge that fuels the imagination and creativity of all dedicated professionals.
  • long hair with large waves
  • curled red hair
  • short precision haircut
  • fifties look for hair
  • short fashion hairstyle
  • haircut with a short neck and sides
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The "my chic" collection by Keller haircompany demonstrates how different characters and temperaments can be captured and communicated by exquisite hairstyles with masterful cuts and colors.
A rainbow of colors, a play with textures and lines are the key ingredients. These are brought to their full potential by un-harnessed creativity and feeling for style that breaks with traditions, defies all boxes and aims to define the new classics.
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