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Color Addict by VOG Coiffure

Your hair is a canvas with unlimited possibilities. VOG Coiffure brings color back into focus and bedazzles us with 5 intense shades of blonde, violet and red. The new hair colors have an iridescent and almost metallic quality and are subtle and powerful at the same time.
  • long blonde hair with movement
  • long hair and turtlenecked blouse
  • big hair with long layers
  • short hair with exaggerated side burns
  • hairstyle with a giant fringe
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The hues are elegant because they are not overbearing or blindingly bright like right out of a box of Crayola crayons. Instead they get their strength from their ethereal nature, their being toned down but delivering exciting pigments that appear timeless and hauntingly beautiful.
Dive into a world of color and do not be shy about it. Eccentric shades are the trend and they come out best on hairstyles that support their essence with shape and flow.
Hairstyles: Bruno Weppe for VOG Coiffure
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