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Hairstyles Spring-Summer 2012

Bold colors and bold cuts are the best choices for a smoldering new summer. Get edgy and express yourself. There is no reason to hold back. As the temperatures rise, the colors of our hair are also heating up to intense golds and red, but never without a cooler hue worked into the same hairstyle as a balancing counterpoint, but at the same time it gives even more power to the warmth of the deep and rich tones.
  • big hair look for red hair
  • updo with big curls
  • short hair with two colors
  • hair with a marble color effect
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The shapes presented by KSFH are equally powerful and they convince with curls that are wild and wuthering to new heights or with short and geometric cuts, that boast a distinct outline, curves and corners but also soft texturing effects. Opposites attract and they do so even more when combined on one hairstyle. Warm and cool colors, straight lines and wispy textures. Summer can come!
Hair: Kristijan Petek for KSFH
Color: Marko Beltram for Ksfh
Make-up: Marko Zagar for Ksfh
Photography: P. Marinsek for Ksfh
Powered by: Schwarzkopf Professional
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