Colour Surfing by Moving Hair

Quick panels hair coloring technique
The Moving Hair Art-Team shows off their brilliant new trend ideas with the motto: “Simplify Your Color – the quick change of color for your very own style of hair.” To achieve the trendy new looks Moving Hair has developed a coloring technique named “Quick Panels”.
Based on the natural color, sheets of hair, the panels, are identified after cutting the hair and laid out in the direction of the cut, before they are bleached and then colored to achieve a marbleized effect.

A Little Punk, A Little Retro

Retro punk hair with very short bangs
A little retro, a little punk and a lot of color signify this funky and stunning hairstyle. The tight cropped contours of the cut follow the lines of the face, with super short bangs and pointy sideburns. Luscious cherry red sheets of hair joyfully interact with the burgundy base color in different lengths and marble effects.

Feisty Short Crop

Short crop hair with buzz cut sides for women
This short crop sits on the head like a crown of caramel and vanilla. Layers of color and lengths from several centimeters to buzz cut length along the sides bring tension and movement to the fringy and feisty creation. Textures from smooth and shiny to spiky and velvety add even more dimension and redefine conventions.

Long Pixie Haircut

Long pixie cut with ruffled styling
This long pixie style gets its medusa light structure from wide strands of hair that were flattened and marbled in dark, warm browns and a medium gold blonde. More dimension is added with the short back and a ruffled styling with seemingly random movement. The theory of quantum physics turned into hair with color effects that will turn heads.

New Shag

Fashionable werable shag with wide layers
One of the favorite casual styles of all times, the shag experiences a new and wild sophistication with the color treatment by Moving Hair. The wide and chunky layers give the hair texture that is again supported by the delicious play of colors, a marbling of caramel and espresso. A very wearable take on a new classic that allows for versatile styling and looks great in all environments.

Wild Medium Length Hair

Bicolor medium length hair with wild layers
A straight cut and round styled heavy fringe excited with its bicolor sections of warm maple brown, gentle blond and a marbled transition between both. The sleekness and accurate styling of the bangs stands in an exciting contrast to the wild and spiky layers that reach forward in a laced and layered explosion of the same colors.

Contrasting Long and Short Hair

Cut with contrasting long and short hair lengths
Contrasting long and short sections appear even more pronounced with the play of light and shadow and the range of darker to light hues. Especially striking is the short bottom layer of the bangs that gives the forehead a striking frame. Longer tassels are styled with much volume and texture around the head and have their flamboyant counterpart in the long strands coming down from the neck.

Wild Curls

Medium length hairstyle with layering and wild curls
With the right layering technique even wild curls can be molded to interesting silhouettes like this hairstyle with straight vertical lines and high crown. Extremely short bangs open the view to a pretty face that is framed by well defined curls galore. The refined coloring technique brings dimension and a lot of light to the mane.

Asymmetrical Hair Style

Asymmetrical hairstyle with panel hair coloring
This asymmetrical style makes the "quick panel" coloring technique very visible with thin layers of brown amidst the blonde. Here the darker color sits on one side of the mid partition and stretches from the bangs to the side where it blends in with the lighter color. A subtle effect on the bottom layer on the opposite side keeps the balance. Note the amazing curved line from one ear to the other!

Creative Long Hairstyle

Creative hairstyle for long blonde hair
Pulling all the stops the creative Moving Hair team developed this asymmetrical masterpiece. The bangs are the epicenter of creative expression with their different lengths and color transition. The front is styled straight and sleek; it is nicely contrasted by a loose and tousled back and bottom section.

Spiky Hair and a Goatee

Spiky men's hairstyle and a goatee
This boy's hair is strongly textured in the ends to achieve a spiky outer contour that takes of a lot of weight of the dense layers and chops. His top hair is styled to the side and backwards; the rest just falls in the direction of its growth. The diabolically sexy goatee is a nice touch that the ladies will definitely pay much attention to.

Extravagant Men's Hairstyle

Eclectic hairstyle for men
Mix the 50's, a pinch of mod and a heavy dose of buzzing clippers and you'll get this extravagant and eclectic style that is so much fun to look at. Sides and back are military short with a shaved decorative line or two along the side. The top is just long enough to stand up and shape this sharply pointed spiffy quiff. With so much texture, the color can be solid and needs no fancy transitions or blends.

Neon Purple Hair

Hair colored neon purple
This model puts the voom to the vava with her electrifying huge-mane divalicious frenzy of hair. Defying gravity the mass of her hair is pulled forward to hover diagonally over the face and beyond in a huge bundle of textured and teased locks. The natural dark brown espresso color makes the traffic stopping neon purple vibrate even more.
All photos ©Moving Hair – Switzerland