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Bridal hairstyles
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Stylist Yvette Shah and the team at Asif Yvette have created a collection of bridal hairstyles to delight any bride-to-be. The styles are diverse and draw inspiration from eastern and western influences and cultures.
Many of the styles feature elements that will work for any face shape and help to balance most any feature in need of accommodation. The looks combine highly structured and sculpted elements with full-body curl and extra volume.

Upswept Style for Hair

Upswept bridal hair style with a braid
This carefully structured upswept style directs all the hair up into the top section of the head into an overswept mass.
The hair is likely back-combed to provide fullness and interior structure and then smoothed over after being carefully shaped into the beehive silhouette shown here.
A thick braid of hair is crafted and used as an anchor for the hairstyle, creating a textural and architectural design element in the style.

Wedding Hairstyle with Accents

Wedding hairstyle with a twist and hair accents
This wedding hairstyle creates a twist on the twist as it takes the hair and directs it to the top section of the head and forms a roll. The loose ends of the hair are then frothed in to a mass of curls, which gives the style a focal point and asymmetrical balance.
The addition of hair accents, in this case, taking the form of a chain of golden disks, at the forehead helps to maintain attention on the eyes and face, and keeps the hairstyle from appearing wholly unbalanced.

Bridal Hairstyle with High-Volume Curls

Bridal hairstyle with high-volume curls and ringlets
This broad style starts with a base of high-volume curls. The hair is then directed upward at the back to form a fanned-out spray at the crown section.
The forward portion of the top section is styled smooth and parted off-center to frame the face, while the mass of curls along the back of the top section and the sides cascade into a fall of ringlets. The button-style accent jewelry creates focal points in the hairstyle and helps maintain visual interest around the face.
The style can easily be started using a wet-set with a styling mousse, for soft, yet long-lasting hold. A firm-hold hairspray can be used on the finished coif to ensure hold of the style and keep the curls looking defined.

Long Bridal Hairstyle with Curls

Long bridal hairstyle with curls
This is perhaps the simplest of the wedding hairstyles so far in its construction. The look shows the carefully layered haircut that helps distribute the bulk of the hair, avoiding the dreaded 'pyramid head' common among long, curly hairstyles.
The look is likely achieved using a roller set positioned off-base to minimize the volume at the scalp, while ensuring plenty of curl in the lower portions of the hair. Any styling product used would need to provide gentle hold to avoid creating 'hard curls' that can turn frizzy when combed out.
Once the curls are dry, the hair can be combed through using a large tooth comb or the fingers to expand the volume of the hair without breaking up the definition of the curl overmuch.

Upswept Angled Roll

Upswept bridal hair with an angled roll
If this hairstyle looks familiar, you only need to flash back to the second hairstyle to see its longer-haired counterpart. Here, we see the upswept, angled 'roll' with a spray of curls crafted on slightly shorter, finely textured hair.
The differences are subtle, including the satiny sheen of the finished "roll" and softness of the spray of curls. In this incarnation, the color of the hair - a multi-tonal blond - becomes as much the accentuating accessory as any jewelry accent could be.

Cascade of Hair

Bridal hairstyle with a full-volume cascade of curls
The wedding hairstyle seen here is deceptively simple, most likely created using a roller set with varying-sized rollers (larger at the top of the head) to achieve a full-volume cascade of hair. A soft-hold styling product will ensure a light finish to the curls, and a misting of hairspray can add definition as needed.
The secret to this wedding look lies in the color itself. With the variance in the pale golden blonde tones, the light and reflectivity of the hair create depth and a glow that makes even this simple style seem breathtaking.

Bridal Up-style

Bridal up-style with the hair drawn up smooth along the scalp
For those who want something a little more 'crafted' for their bridal style, this up-style makes an interesting choice. The hair is smoothed up along the scalp to the upper side, and the loose ends form a spray along an oblique angle.
In some cases, when the hair is longer, the length can be twisted to form a roll that is coiled into a base at the scalp, leaving a smaller 'spray' emerging from the knot. The curled ends can be fanned out to cover the knot as desired. Use a misting of hairspray and a gentle scrunching action to add definition to the curl if needed.
Hair: Yvette Shah at Asif Yvette, Birmingham
Makeup: Rebecca Scott
Photography: Richard Miles
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