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Full hairstyles with natural hair colors
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The term "Pride" evokes certain images when relating it to hair. It calls up ideas of leonine styles that are bold and full. It also conjures an attitude of assuredness and dominance. These are clear-cut and cleanly-defined hairstyles.
The hair colors are natural and neutral, ranging from nutty browns to flaxen blondes, and assert themselves with clear aggression.

Long Wavy Hairstyle

Long wavy hairstyle
Long hair with a soft glow
This long, wavy style is characterized by the sharp, clean turns and curves of the hair creating a silken sculpture. The pecan-brown color is rich and lustrous without being overpowering and gives the hair a soft, subtle glow.
The styling is likely created using traditional methods either of finger-waving, or by wrapping over full tools and drying them carefully so as to maintain the smooth finish of the hair.

Silken Curls

Long hair with silken curls
Sinewy hairstyle with silken curls
Here we have another sinewy style whose silken curls are carefully carved and maintained.
The hair color is a chestnut brown with a high-gloss finish and is likely achieved using a wet set with slightly over-loaded tools that are air-dried and gently dressed to loosen any tightness without losing the curl altogether.
The result is a glamorous look that is both sultry and sophisticated.

Long Spiraling Curls

Superlong tresses with long spiraling curls
Superlong hair with waves and curls
Long blonde hair with a natural appearance
Superlong tresses are often considered the epitome of femininity, though the women who must tame these dramatically long tresses on a daily basis may feel the luxurious look to be more of a chore than it is worth. Even so, one cannot deny the striking appearance of long spiraling curls spilling forward across the chest of any woman.
Indeed, it is a look worth at least a little envy. The long, coils are likely crafted using large tools in a wet set that are dried and styled using the fingers to gently draw the curls out and create the loose spiraling fall.

Partial Up-Style

Partial up-style for long hair with sausage-roll coils
Partial up-style for very long hair
The other benefit to the luxuriantly long hair is the sheer volume and dramatic up-styles that can be achieved with a practiced hand. Shown here is a partial up-style which draws the hair from the top and side sections into a smooth, full sweep to the crown and allows the remaining hair to fall from the peak in tight, sausage-roll coils.
This type of style will start with carefully curled hair initially and will be back-combed or ruffed with a brush to create volume in the upper sections while the exterior of the hair is smoothed to create a soft finish. The curl of the "fall" (the hair that is left loose) may be from the initial roller set, or can be reshaped or created wholly after the up-style portion of the look is created.
Hairstyles: Hair Arena Intercoiffure
Photography: Marina Sturm
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