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The lifestyle label UNISEX hit the market with its hairstyle collection "Director's Cut". The looks exude elegance, they demonstrate the evolution of the company who, for years, has dominated the trends when it comes to street style.
"Our target audience has expanded," explains Creative Director Pino Galanti, who designed the new looks. "Who wants to be ahead of the trends has to be ready to constantly improve and change."
The collection still remains faithful to the UNISEX style: hip, extraordinary, different. Another novelty is the Sicca cutting system that is used for the new styles and was developed by Pino Galanti especially for UNISEX. For the first time "Director's Cut" allows us a glance behind the scenes and shows Pino with his team in their creative process.
In the end we find a collection, that is elegant and extravagant at the same time; that is different, but stays true to the style of the company. UNISEX it is.
UNISEX was founded in the year 2000 by master stylists Holger Schmitz and Giuseppe Pino Galanti. Later the marketing expert Heinz Clever joined the team. Ever since then the label has been a cult brand in the industry. "With more than 80 salons, we are present in many cities in Germany," explains Clever.
"At times with more than one salons and always in the best location: At the Ehrenstrasse in Cologne, directly at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin, in trendy Altona in Hamburg and we are in Düsseldorf."

Short Asymmetrical Hair

Short asymmetrical haircut
Exact lines are the key element in this asymmetrical cut. A meticulous cut follows the line of the jaw on one side; it lies snugly against the nape while coming out underneath the cheekbone on the opposite side with hypnotizing energy. Two pointed, geometrical spikes break up the strictness of the contour and add a new sense of elegance and avantgarde to this artistic creation.
The hair color combines a solid half in raven black with the larger section of the cut bathed in burgundy and berry light that radiates from the multitude of thin streaks. A line, as sharp as if it was drawn with a ruler, hides a part of the face and slightly overlaps the rounded, face framing contour of the left side.

Bob Style Variation

Bob with the bangs in an s-shaped wave
This variation on a classic bob reveals its finesse not at the first, but at the second and all following looks. The bangs stream out of a very low partition on the left side and flow across the forehead in an S-shaped wave before melting together with the side section in a harmonious curve.
The smaller side is tugged neatly behind the ear and all hair is styled for the highest shine and sleekness. Much finesse was used with the coloring. Bright copper is set on a level of a warm nutmeg, with the darker color dominating the tips, the lower sections and the right side of the style.

Free-Falling Curls

Hairstyle with free-falling curls beneath the shoulders
Sleek elegance surprises with an artistic touch born from the contrast of textures and lines. Exactly cut bangs that frame the eyes right beneath the brows in a perfect curve feature inward styled tips to empower this statement even more.
The strict contour and sleekness of the top part quickly unravel in the playful delight of free-falling, unruly and sensuous curls reaching beneath the shoulders. The hair color is a ravishing chocolate brown with delightful streaks in a raspberry tone. A must have for all the new styles is mega shine for which numerous hair products offer an extra boost.

Rockabilly Quiff

Manly hairstyle with buzz cut military sides
A rockabilly quiff is styled back over the crown framed by buzz cut military sides. This combination brings the greatest opposites together to an astonishing balance of exciting textures. The clean lined sideburns add a very urban flavor to the manly and elegant look that just doesn't want to fit into any mold.
The long bangs are treated with a good dose of pomade to keep in their slightly waved shape and provide high gloss and superb glamour. The deep espresso hair color adds warmth to this outrageous and stunning look.
Photos: UNISEX Friseure
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